Foreign language

I’ve been in Texas long enough to now recognize the looks I get when I speak. One Texan yesterday answered my unspoken question. It is, I,  that speaks a foreign language. I just laughed when she said that, but it made sense.  Not joking folks.  The very first question out of anyone I have met down here, asks where I’m from. I must have climbed out of an alien RV to get this question every time I say something. Funny to think I speak a foreign language…

Yesterday, driving along I-20 westward, a fellow Lazy Daze RV came up on my rear, as I struggled to turn on my CB, he got closer and closer. Dang. Finally got it on, and volume right, and then said hello. We introduced ourselves, discovered we are both Lazy Daze Caravaners and we both know Terry Tanner – and who doesn’t know Terry! Laughing here, nonetheless, this guy was in hot pursuit of a  Angels baseball game. When he found I was heading in a different direction, he said he needed to pick up speed or he wouldn’t make it to the game. On that note he was gone in a flash. Literally.  I was having a heck of a time driving 55-60 due to winds of 30-40 miles per hour and he picked up speed and was gone quickly.  He was pulling a toad – did that give him a better stabilization to pull higher speeds in that wind?  I don’t know, but will be asking.  Between tracker trailers sucking me this and that way, and the winds – I was doing downright good keeping the rig in one lane.

By the end of my travel day, I arrived in Lubbock – looked for a Walmart, anything to park for the night. Highway 84 route thru town was so oppressive, I just kept going thinking I might find a picnic area or two to park for the night. Well… I kept driving another 50 some miles, despite my shoulders, arms and hands hurting from white knuckle driving all day. Surprise, I get out of Lubbock and the wind has become a tail wind. Oh what a relief that was… and that took me to Littlefield. At the gas station when I filled up, I heard about a free park in town. Got directions, not expecting anything, but glad to finally stop for the night. And an amazing park greeted my very tired eyes. Water and electricity at each site, there is a dumping station at East end of park, along with a Pet run.  Things have not started greening up here, but there are picnic tables with shades, elevated cooking grills a variety of shade trees too.  Night time is peaceful sleeping.

Waylon was born & raised here

Waylon’s footprints

I decided to stay another day here, as the wind kicked up once again, dust was blowing too. So spent the day rebuilding, actually tearing down the bridge my brother & I tried to build for the cats. I reduced the pile, eliminated weight – as that is what pushed everything out and away when going down the road. So time will tell if that was the right move.  It seems sturdy.  Then I brushed both cats down, then I did a thorough vacuuming of all that cat hair and then some. I haven’t had electricity for quite sometime so it was badly needed.  Then, having had pulled the weighted items out from under that pile,  I re-organized the storage under my dinette seat.  That was a worthy agenda.  Fixed soup and it was way too salty for me, that went in the trash.  Fixed a sandwich, bread for moldy. Dang.  So fixed a cup of hot chocolate and had an apple with cinnamon and one peeled cucumber for dinner.   Off to bed early, as I’m heading to Albuquerque tomorrow.   Thanks Littlefield for a wonderful stay.

3 thoughts on “Foreign language

  1. That park was a good find. I looked it up and found it and others on

    Todd at the mothership emailed me yesterday and said I should be getting THE CALL in a week.


  2. Great link Sara, I did not know about that one.

    As for Todd's teaser that THE CALL was going to be this week. Oh I can still remember the sheer joy, the excitement, the anticipation of it all was so intense, nothing else got done until it came. I am so happy for you. Perhaps I will get a chance to see you in your rig before I head back to Alaska. Congrats!


  3. I am trying to remain calm. Yes I would love to see you before you go North. Todd said they are working on 2013 changes (new shades)which they could not do until they were far enough along.


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