Again, I’m changing my plans. I am 9 miles west of Wetherford, TX, which is west of Fort Worth. I’ve dumped my tanks, topped off water and am resting up for tomorrow. As I studied the weather data for the southern route back to Phoenix, the next 2-3 days the weather is nice, but by mid week, the temperatures are climbing into the 90’s all across that route. No thank you. The weather folks say its an unusually “pronounced heating event”. Really!  An understatement if you ask me.

So… tomorrow instead of heading for Roswell or Hobbs, then on to Deming – I’m heading for Lubbock, then onto Clovis or Amarillo.  I’m thinking Clovis, but will decide tomorrow night. I should make it to Lubbock, if not a little further up the road. Think its called Littlefield, but Clovis or Amarillo will be another day. It will be a long drive, but will get me thru further before the winds pick up again. The winds always blow in this area, but tomorrow will barely be a breeze. So at dawn, I will be heading out.

All is well, feels good to be on the road. Cats are fine, but relieved when I stopped early today. Had dinner, now waiting for rig to cool down and close up to head for bed. Good night folks!

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