Rude awakening

Early this morning, before sunrise, the world came apart at the seams with boom bang thunderous lightening storm. The cats dived under the covers next to me. That in and of itself, did not get much reaction from me other than reaching over my head to close the window just as the pitter-patter of rain drops started. But then my iPhone reacted with a weather alert. Such an obnoxious sound before my eyeballs see light. But I got up to see what it said. Thunderstorm warning. Ok. Fine. I went back to bed. Barely got re-situatied in bed, when it went off again. Got up to see what it said. Damn, now we have a tornado warning.  I texted Scott that we had this warning. In short order he told me it was for Livingston not here. Uh?  Mind you… this is before sunrise… my eyeballs are still sleeping, far as that’s concern my brain was sleeping, but is now instantly alert, but not comprehending for some reason.  So I asked what county we’re in and he texted back and said Rusk.  Well, I could have sworn that that’s what the alert said, but he texted back and said it was Polk County. Uh?

Ok folks, you know as well as I, if there was a tornado nearby there would be other sources sounding off to warn us, but the devilish darn weather app I have was telling me I had a tornado warning. This is not something one should take lightly – such as going back to bed.  By now, I am fully awake, so is Scott – as he apparently got up to check his internet. I couldn’t get on, so was stuck with the weather app. He texted me again – “Melinda, its in Polk County, not here”. Damn….  so what good is there about a app that sends off a rude awakening messages???  Well, I got the weather app opened up and it has for my present location – El Campo. Where in the heck is El Campo?? So I clicked on the “location” and wa-la, I get Mt. Enterprise, no alerts here. Whew!  So I have made a mental note to refresh the location on that.

So I apologized to waking Scott, who Denise tells me is not an early riser. Oops, he was this morning. And I was so awake from the adrenaline rush, that I opened up all the shades and watched it rain, thunder, lightening and rain some more. And folks, I got a clean rig today!! Laughing here.  It did clear off this afternoon and its a beautiful cool 60º day. Delightful.

I’m heading out at first light tomorrow morning. My goal is to get past Dallas, then stop for the night. Not sure where, but will decide when I get there.

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