Its Saturday…

Gosh where does all the time go.. I’m still here at my friends home near Mt. Enterprise, TX. I was going to leave last Thursday, but decided to wait, as storms were moving in. Well… nothing has happened here and now I have a bad case of what my Dad used to say “got ants in your britches”, other words, need to move on down the road.

I touched base with another high school couple – both were in my class. Thought I was heading there tomorrow, but got the call that Linda had a migraine or was coming down with the flu. So scratch that visit. I’m still going in the general direction, but will miss them this trip.

I have finally decided that I’m taking the southern route back to Phoenix with a few side trips.  For example, I plan to hop on I-20 until after Dallas, when I will venture off and head for either Roswell or Hobbs, NM on the back roads.  I’m thinking of heading for the Lows (Loners on Wheels) headquarters in Deming for a few days.  I joined in November, but still have not made a connection with them. Then I may go up to Silver City, NM and possibly find a back way into AZ area, perhaps thru Apache Junction and hang at the State Park until the last week of March.  Plans have been changing right and left, so no guarantee this will stick either. But that is part of life full-timing in my RV.  I understand the wildflowers are out now, so that will be a nice touch.

I have been busy around here. I managed to find someone to install my catalytic heater in Glendale,  AZ they specialize in solar installation, but do other work and they are very familiar with Lazy Daze RV’s which is a plus, big plus.  Got an appointment for my cats to get there health certificates for traveling thru Canadian customs. Must be done within 30 days of entry. Got an appointment to get a haircut with Marti’s help and will have mail picked up as well.  So as soon as I get back from Tucson, I’m heading north.

Tucson, you ask?  My good friend Cheri is coming from Alaska, to meet me in Mesa, to head down to Tucson for a speciality dog show. I’m her transportation, hotel.  It should be a blast!

I have seen more birds here than I did on the birding trip… guess timing was against us. Cardinals galore visit us each morning. Both male and female. About a dozen or more of them. Then the blue jays, a few sparrows, but not many of those. The robins here are much smaller than what we have in Alaska, but love to watch them. A few hawks and several huge flocks of geese heading north.

And if Jimbo reads this – congrats on finding your soul mate. It’s interesting how they find us. And Chris, congrats on getting your solar installed too. I understand you are enjoying it, as we all do. Others are off to Senator Wash or back home to their homes..  Safe travels to all.

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