Fun times!

Few more images from Corpus Christi National Seashore:

Blue stingers

rough gulf waters

more stingers

seaweed and more stingers

I’m now in Mount Enterprise, Texas, a wee little town of 437 population. And I’m about 1 1/2 miles from town, down a quaint country road, lots of trees and a few homes here and there. Between two bridges is the home of one of my former high school classmate, who I haven’t seen in over 45 years.  What a gem of a home, but first, I took a picture of my rig – taken near their place.

My home
Scott and Denise’s home
History of this house.

Delightful sitting area!

They worried on my coming, as they don’t have much on modern conveniences, but I kept telling them, I won’t be staying in their house, I will stay in my RV. Had to explain, I don’t need to be hooked up to electricity, water or anything else.  So I get here and I just fell in love with this old home. Its in the original state with minor modifications – such a new paint. Scott & Denise have lived here for 16 years and I can see why. Inside, I discovered Denise has a big 54 inch weaving width Macomber loom. Apparently used by all, made rugs, towels, etc. on the loom when the kids still lived at home.  The front porch… is worth a visit if any porch deserved a visit.  There are wicker chairs, a swing, pots of plants galore, tables. Pure comfort!  And it was demonstrated how one can sit in a wicker chair and get everything but your head in the sun.. and rock back and forth.  Relaxation to a new level.  Yesterday, when we did this, they opened the front door and let the heat of the porch enter the house.  In the evenings, we sit around a roaring fire in one of their fireplaces – the one on right in the photo above, no longer works, the inside caved in. So we sat in the parlor – gosh, is that what they called it(?) and visited.

A wonderful visit so far, but am trying to figure out the best route to head back to AZ. Originally, was going to take I-40 and go see my long time friend in NM – slight problem with that – its still winter there as well as northern TX, Oklahoma, etc.  No, I have no desire to experience snow, high gusty winds just to do that, so called her today to say I wouldn’t be going that route.  Have no clue what route at this time, but will figure it out sooner than later. Right now, I’m just enjoying visiting with Scott and Denise.

2 thoughts on “Fun times!

  1. Scott and Denise's place sounds really great—what an inviting porch! I hope you didn't step on any blue stingers when you were each combing. I will try to follow your route back to AZ…..enjoy.

    Would the boys be able to have a cat tree to support he bridge you built? I bet they would like that, especially if they can lay on the bridge or 'supports' and keep watch out the windows. Can't wait to see the way you have built the bridge, etc. Safe travels!


  2. Actually Cheri, I've been tempted to get a cat tree, but it would be used without the bridge, I think. If I can get in the door, it might be worth considering. The bridge is only good for one cat at a time, it tumbles down with both on it. As you are well aware, they do things together. But my loom would be a cat tree as well… hmmm will think on this one.


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