My mail…

I have been on pins and needles waiting on word about my mail that I had sent to the wrong address by transposing a wrong number.   Well… they found out who lived at the house, called them and no one ever picked up on the phone. So when my brother got home, he walked down the block and knocked, heard a dog barking but no one answered the door.  He suspects its an older person who may not have known she/he could have sent the packages back, as they were all left on the front porch – every stinky package (3) was sitting on her front porch.  One was delivered on the 17th of Feb, the other two on the 24th. Anyone could have taken them, but they were there waiting for my brother to come pick them up. Oh my God… I can not believe how lucky I am, unbelievably lucky…

So I got my packages today, when my brother came for a visit.  Haven’t seen him in over 2 years.  It was real nice to have him for a few hours…   showed him my Lazy Daze, went to lunch, built a semi bridge to the window for the cats (hopefully it will stay when I hit the road) with a new cat perch hanging.  Both cats don’t fit on the perch, as it falls down with 2 cats or if one approaches from the end vs directly on. But it holds one cat nicely to watch the blue jays, squirrels, etc. Time will tell on whether it will stay up or not, but my brother used the same stuff I used for the bridge, but layered it differently and its a whole lot less wobbly.

So unpacked some packages, but he brought a much bigger box for me of our old family photos, old 8 mm film, tons of slides.  I want to convert all this into a digital format.  I have the means to do the slides, but will have to do some research how best to tackle the old film.  But it all needs to be converted to digital format to preserve our family history.  So am excited to get this.

It was just plain good to have him around for a few hours… we laughed, brought each up on cousins, old family friends and about each others lives. I think he needed to see that I was doing ok and how I was living. Its a huge change from what, where, and how I was living before I went full time in my RV.   I’ve told him for awhile I was doing good, but he needed to see it for himself.  He left in a much more relaxed state of mind, tis good. Now hope it doesn’t take another 2 years before I see him again.

So tomorrow is laundry day and one more check of the mail, dump my tanks, fill the water. Saturday morning, I’m heading to Mount Enterprise to visit with a former classmate of mine. Its about a 100 miles north of where I am now, so it will be a leisure drive north.

Have unsuccessfully been able to reach Pat to tell them I will head West before them, therefore not traveling with them. I want to stop in NM to see my long time friend for a couple of days before heading on down the road to AZ. We may still meet up somewhere on I-40, but I won’t be with them this first leg. They have to be back to CA, I don’t have to be anywhere until the end of March.  I will email and call both one more time and not going to worry about it if we don’t connect. But… I’m posting it here, as they may read it.

2 thoughts on “My mail…

  1. That is so awesome that you got all the packages back and that they were just sitting there.
    I too have a few boxes of pics, videos and slides to make digital. I could have done it in the last year but just didn't. Now will have to take it all with me to do.


  2. Yes, I was so relieved on the packages, I really can't believe my luck on that. Amazing! Are you going to have things in storage? Why I ask, as I suggest you not take all those videos, slides, and photos with you. I would take one item – such as photos. When done with all that, then add slides or video. But if you bring it all, it won't get done. This is especially true your first year out on the road, as I have learned. 😉 Such as I got the means to do all the photos (except I forgot those!), but the type of scanner I use for slides is in storage – I had no room for it. But once digitalized – you won't need to carry all that either.


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