Still learning…

Had a delightful lunch out with my neighbor Maggie yesterday. The day started out watching her back into the street sign…and me thinking oh no… but I grew some guts and went into town with her. She is one of those little older women (but doesn’t look old) that drives S-L-O-W down the highway and she can barely see over her steering wheel. She stopped frequently as we entered Livingston, but not for stop signs, or cars turning or anything that I could put my finger on.  Her foot was on the brake more than the gas pedal – I guess that is a good thing!  Laughing here.  She said she was nervous driving her friend’s car.. o-k…  OK was how each sentence was finished. This was all before lunch.  She decided a home cooked lunch would be best for us and we went to the Whistle Stop Cafe. Very quaint, old time decorations, reminds me of antique or pawn shops. Food was excellent and I learned all about Maggie.  Maggie was a former nun, turned teacher, turned animal rescuer for a county in upstate NY and now a writer and publisher of books on the very stories of the animals she rescued.  It was a delightful time listening to her adventures, things she has done.  After lunch, she took me on a tour of Livingston to show me where grocery stores were, Walmart, etc.  Nice town! Lot bigger than I thought it was.

So Maggie & I get back to our campground, and she gives me a tour of sorts – lot bigger campground than I realized.  She parked the car, eyed that leaning street sign and I walked up to it and with one finger straightened the pole – she just roared with laughter!!!!  Came over and wobbled the pole back and forth just laughing.  Just a funny thing to see, but hard to describe.

So after that outing, I tackled my freezer once again. I defrosted it with a help of a pot of chili cooking on the stove. It wasn’t hot enough outside to get the job done before evening, so cooking adds heat to the kitchen vs directly to the freezer.  I wrote to the Lazy Daze list to ask for a quality Camping World that could do Dometic refrigerator warranty work, will I got everything but. Laughing, cause that is how it seems to work these days. The real helpful answers come privately to me.  One of which insisted I utilize the “Climate Control Switch” and the “Ambient Switch” to control the frost build up by when in humid climes. Well…. I don’t have a switch, don’t have anything remotely close to it. Surprise, surprise!  Too bad they eliminated that feature, cause I’m pretty sure I would not have had any problem with my freezer all these months if I could have adjusted the settings.  Then another friend, who I met back in October, gave me step by step instructions to see if I have a leak in the gaskets, how to test it, fix it if that is the culprit behind all this.  Guess what I’m doing today? Laughing here.  But if I can find some answers, it will save me money. If I can fix it, a huge step in my learning curve on these rigs.

Also yesterday, I built (kind of) a bridge to the window in the rear. Ever since I took the sofa out, the cats have been frustrated not getting to the side window. So I thought the true test if it was good would be driving down the road, but it was the cats who showed me its not quite to their level of expertise. Ha! So will work on that to make it more supportive.

2 thoughts on “Still learning…

  1. I use a hair dryer to defrost the fridge. Got it done yesterday in about 30 minutes. If not plugged into electricity you can turn on the generator. Makes short work of it. I put my freezer stuff in cold bags and in a small ice chest. Some stuff from the freezer can also go into the fridge while defrosting the freezer.
    I find myself defrosting about every 3 months or sooner or later depending on the weather and the actual build up of ice. In other words, I'm not sure something is wrong with your fridge. I have that switch to change the settings and it doesn't seem to make any difference so I wouldn't lament it's demise…


  2. My freezer, not my fridge, is the problem child. Prior to October, I never could make ice and was always defrosting. Mike S. found all the metal shavings and I finally could make ice and have had zero need to defrost until two weeks ago and now I've done it twice. You may have a leaky gasket, as most don't defrost there freezers in the LD (who stay in the West). I can send you the details Ken just sent me to check for leaks if interested. As for your method of defrosting – I've done that, but these days I just let it defrost on its own. I use to put my freezer stuff in a cooler, now I just put it into the fridge to keep it cold. It really doesn't take long. I just started it late yesterday.


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