I bet you thought I was talking about that green stuff, well you would be wrong. Laughing here. As I spent yesterday doing nothing productive, downright lazy, idle, vegetative state and it was amazing looking back at it.  It is an exceptionally rare day that I do that, but it is good to totally relax.

Last night, the rig rocked back and forth, scaring the cats as we waited for our part of the storm to pass us by. Its still windy this morning, but its more like a gentle rocking movement. Temp this morning was 43ºF at sun rise and now at 10 o’clock it’s 47º.  Who knows what the wind chill is… but my cats are deep in the blankets still…

I got up with the sun, promptly turned on water heater, set a pot of water to boil, filled the cat’s water dish, fixed there breakfast. Fixed my tea, which is Market Spice, loose tea – my all time favorite tea.  Sat down to check email and couldn’t get on.. oh well. Fixed a bowl of Muesli with tart cherries, coconut and sat down to enjoy that on this crisp morning.  Finished that, washed dishes, pulled out some hamburger as I want to fix chili tonight – realized I need to defrost my darn freezer once again. Then vacuumed the rig, cleaned litter box, pulled together trash, took a shower and its just passed 10 in the morning.  Guess I was making up for my lost day yesterday.

Within an hour, I’m going out to lunch with my neighbor.  Maggie, is from upstate NY, is a weaver and is traveling alone full-time with… I think she said… 10 cats & one itty-bitty dog.  It was her cats that drew me to her rig – she’s in a Class A and the front window is ideal for small animals to sun themselves and to watch what is going on outside. Well, it was her orange tabby and a tuxedo cat that suckered me in. Her orange tabby looks just like Norm, just smaller. Is the greeter in her household. The tuxedo cat’s face has black spots over each eye and a littler one on his nose – beautiful cat.  Maggie has been full-timing for 5 years now. We were going to meet at the club house, but this morning she dropped by and suggested we just go into town for lunch instead.  Maggie got interested in weaving this past year and bought a small loom after taking some classes. From what she described it is a rigid heddle loom – a great loom to learn to weave on.  So we will be off to lunch soon.

Still no word on my mail problem. Both senders said it was delivered – duh! – and they can’t do anything more. I didn’t contact them for that info, as I already knew that, I wondered if they had gotten a returned package. Apparently not.  So I told my brother about this and I can only sit on pins and needles in hopes when he gets back to Houston, that he can get the packages.  If not, will hope and pray the people would have sent it back in the mail – which means a long wait to see if they are telling the truth.  I hate this!!!!  But there is nothing I can do at this point.

2 thoughts on “Vegetation

  1. Hi Taryn, yes I do believe I was lucky, glad of it too. Houston is the first real green of Spring we saw traveling in TX this month. Saw a little at South Padre, but nothing between there and here. Its been years since I traveled around here, its a nice city, nice area, it really is. My problem with this area has always been the humidity, more so than the heat, but the combo of it spoils it for me. So my visits are brief. Thanks for reading my blog.


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