On the road again

Corpus Christi – the first couple of days was a delight – walking the beach first thing in the morning, then at night. With our Senior Pass it was $4.00/night – just hard to beat. Checking out the birds, and scouring the sea weed to see what goodies would be found. No shells this trip, lots of blue jelly fish  Then humidity came knocking on our doors… instant fizz, sticky feeling… as the days went on – I battled nausea, which happens to me from being in heat and humidity – but I wasn’t expecting it with temps in the mid-60’s and humidity 79% – but it did.  Miserable. My boys were not happy campers in this type of weather either.  Winds died down yesterday, warmed up considerably, then last night thought the winds were going to blow the rig over. Today, before leaving the campground, had planned to dump as normal and get fresh water on board.  Padre Island has a dump station, but the one I got was plugged up, but of course, one doesn’t know this until you are actively dumping – gross! Heck of a way to start the day.  Waited for the other dump station to get freed up and finished dumping.  Cleaned up and moved forward to get water. Well, not exactly. They tell you to use their hose – not on your life would I use that hose. One very gross hose and no way to attach a proper hose and filter.  So left with no new water and it may have been the best choice.

Thought the worst of the day was over with, so we headed out – heading toward Houston, but no plans to get close to Houston today.  We stopped for gas, as Doris was manic about getting her tank filled, so we all filled up.  Not a big deal, except I got squeezed and pinned at the gas pump by one very inconsiderate person. I could not move, but tried to – so I could get out of my rig to get a better perspective. Couldn’t get my door open at all, nor could I have opened the side door. This inconsiderate person could have waited before barging into place with rig and toad, but oh no… nothing remotely so nice. So I was stuck.  Pat came to my rescue to jockey me a few inches. I was royally pissed by this time, but there was nothing I could do.  The few inches I got with Pat’s help, allowed my door to be opened, then I tried to move the rig another inch or so forward and bashed in my rig just back of the driver’s door – no little scratch mind you. How? I had to move away from the other rig (my side mirror had to be folded in to do this) to move those few inches – well that brought me straight into those barriers.  There was zero room to stand by the pump, I had to stretch over to try to read the screen, do my credit card and I also couldn’t get the pump into my gas tank, but got it wiggled around.  Then this person had the nerve to say why was I whining! Then told me to move my rig back so they could get their toad by me.  I took at instant moment of regrouping within myself to calm down, got into my rig and waited. grrrrrrr….. fortunately, the rest of the day was uneventful.

We are at a Walmart in El Campo, TX tonight.  I will be splitting off from Pat & Doris tomorrow. None of us have figured out the best route thru Houston.  I think Pat & Doris plan to take the toll road around the South of Houston then onward to Louisana.  I can’t decide whether to just get on I-10 and go thru, then turn north on Highway 146, or from here, go north and not even enter Houston – which would be a longer stretch, but just might be better on my nerves. Will figure it out before morning.  I will probably meet back up with them around the 7th or 8th of March.  I’m presently heading to Livingston, TX to await a visit from my brother, then will move on up to Mt. Enterprise to see an old classmate of mine.  Will write more after I settle in at Livingston.  In the meantime, will try to upload some of the photos from Corpus Christi. I did not take near as many as I thought.  Nope, the connection won’t let me upload the photos.  Well try later.

One thought on “On the road again

  1. Have fun in Livingston….does this mean you will actually get to pick up your mail? I am really looking forward to our meet-up at the end of Mar-first of Apr. Hope you have blue skies and gentle breezes in Livingston.


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