Laundry day

We are doing laundry today, much needed…. laughing here, its hard fetched to find a clean anything without doing laundry for all 3 of us.  We came in from the seashore, a National Park south of Corpus Christi, TX. No hookup, no internet and no cellular. Its wonderful!!!  One of the best campsites I’ve been at in a long time.  We will be spending another 3 nights out there… more if we can talk Pat into it.   Time will tell on that.

Other than sea gulls, we are seeing a ton of brown pelicans… that’s just from our rigs.  Will explore more when the winds die down. It was wickedly difficult to drive our Lazy Dazes over the bridge to get here. Had sore shoulders, arms and hands from white knuckle driving. They were screaming before we finished the crossing.  Doris & I swore we would not leave here until the winds die down… Pat has other ideas. Laughing. Of course, we are approaching there deadline, so time will tell.

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