Last night at the NP campground near Del Rio, we saw quite the party of jack rabbits – they came out at sunset and were everywhere.  This morning, more were seen, as well as a young deer.  Instant entertainment for my boys…

Ah green grass… a pretty sight after 6 months of looking at desert.  We started seeing green grass as we turned onto Highway 83, mostly along the side of the road.  As we ventured further south, trees became a more common sight and many had the first signs of Spring green popping out on the branches.  Really nice to see.

We are camped the night at a Walmart, this place is no better than a truck stop as they have clumped the RV’s and the trucks together.  Trucks run their coolers all the time, no silence will be had here, but its a freebie spot to park here in Laredo, TX.  I haven’t been told of our destination for tomorrow, but know that we won’t be staying here. Here’s hoping we reach the coast tomorrow. I want to add ocean blue, along with green grass to my eyeballs for color. Throw in some beautiful birds, now that would be nice!

Gas prices have been steadily dropping.  Looks like $3.38/gallon around here.  And temperatures are holding in the lower 70’s most places we have been.  A few nights have been in the 50’s, but most have been in the 40’s. Good sleeping weather.

One thought on “Laredo

  1. Sounds like you have made it into Spring. I hope you are getting in some beach combing and having good weather! Your blog is great! Keep up the good work. Happy birding!


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