To a different drummer

I stopped in Casa Grande to pick up my heater & parts, as the guy behind Precision RV who was suppose to install my catalytic heater turned out to be a royal PITA.  It wasn’t until night fall, did he say “Oops, I found your email, come back I will fix er up”.  To my response, I left at first light.  So much for having scheduled this a full month before, but no one should be treated like a low life that stepped on his life.  A few says he does good work, well he lacks a serious ingredient when working with the public.  I have since gotten two other recommendations, which I will follow up on when I get back in the area in late March.

So I’m off on a new adventure, a new style (for me) type of travel, and one that will provide lots of fun. I have met up with my Lazy Daze friends Pat & Doris, they are a hoot (pun intended) to be around and I’m delighted I get to tag along.  They are off to New Orleans via Texas.  That in and of itself doesn’t quite describe it. Pat is a birder and we are birding our way across Texas.  Now I have never done anything remotely like this before, still haven’t a clue just what that may involve – but it doesn’t matter.  New places to go, new places to see, new things to do and I get to put a new State or two on my logo map!

We left Deming, NM mid morning. We are presently at a Walmart in El Paso, TX.  As we drove thru the horrendous traffic thru downtown El Paso this afternoon – off to our right was a constant view of a third world country – Mexico. I had forgotten this. It was a stark reality of where we are.

Tomorrow, I believe we are heading into the mountains… Fort Davis, I think and go to the McDonald’s Observatory, then onto to Big Bend NP or SP.  Not knowing if I will have any connection, it may take a few days to update this blog. I plan to take photos too, again we shall see if I can get them uploaded.

Woo-hoo!  This is going to be fun…

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