Boot Camp (corrections added)

I am really jazzed by all that I have learned at Escapees Boot Camp and RV Driving school.  So much of the teachings gave me a better, more solid foundation to all the info I have learned from my questions over the last 5-6 years.  It completely clarified things on the initials on RV weights that I still puzzled over until I got my rig weighed.   Lots was a refresher course for me, a quality refresher course at that.

There was just so much information, that flowed between my ears, surrounded me, embraced my RV life style. Wonderfully amazing!  All of these instructors are well known out here in RV land, to get the chance to rub elbows, ask questions and listen to their shared knowledge was fun and truly an education.  Mac the Fire Guy did a hands on demonstration, gave us some hard facts to think on, tools to use, how to use, the ingredients of extinguishers, even how to open the escape hatch.  I learned the reason I have an escape hatch in my roof is not to escape a fire…. I know quite a few Lazy Daze folks that do not understand its true function. The true escape hatch is the window in the back. Amazing info.  A little video demonstrated how to open the window – worth its weight in gold to see this in action. Learned the differences between the hatches.   Wow!

Did you know that there is no RV that should run an electric heater – no one!  One must update the outlets or you are set for a fire in your rig. Interesting tidbit. The outlets installed are cheap and barely 15 amps – not strong enough to safely run an electric heater.  NOTE: I have a flyer that shows this info on heaters, plus I have other opinions that dispute this as well.  If interested, please contact me directly. Suffice it to say, we don’t believe the Lazy Daze has this issue.

There was just an amazing amount of information on every subject and then some on subjects you didn’t know you needed to know, such as the recalls on RV refrigerators, to towing details – pros and cons on different types, care of, attention to details, etc. And I have a new smoke alarm, as I freely told Mac – I tossed mine away several months ago as it went off with ever wee amount of steam every time.  He understood fully and said he would have done the same thing. It was way too sensitive. My new one can differ between types of smokes… whoa!  And I learned of the correct position for that smoke alarm – its not where the factory installed them, that’s for sure. We learned about CO detectors, propane detectors and anything and everything propane. We learned more about our tanks,, appliances, a/c and furnaces, living full time, getting mail options, tires, pressures, gauges, … it was endless line of information folks. Endless…

The last video of this Boot Camp just blew us all away… it was a video showing how to handle your rig when I tire blows..  One speeds up, not slow down. CORRECTION: One keeps foot on gas pedal vs panic braking, as it allows one to keep the rig straight vs being sucked to the side where the flat is.  It taught us the why of it all, even the how to do it. Amazing info.

If you are not a member of Escapees, join it.   Then run to the nearest Boot Camp…  Now you don’t have to own a RV to do Boot Camp and tho the name implies its aimed at beginners – all will learn from Boot Camp.

In addition to Boot Camp, I signed up for 3 1/2 hours of professional driving school.  They have a 2 day (4 hour day) class for beginners to RV’s.  I did the short version, as I’ve been driving for several months now and needed to zero in on specific areas. Oh my… it was the best money spent!!!  He took me up a steep mountain road with switchbacks and “walked” me thru the paces. That was up, then down. Turn around and went back up to do it the way I had been doing it with the Tow/haul feature and some shifting down and discovered I had less control. Oh my…  also it was stressed in boot camp to obey the road signs, if it says 30 mph curve, you do 30 in your RV. What a world of difference.  Then he found a dirt field and had me do several little maneuvers that was very much an eye-opening experience to me. I learned I just have had dumb luck up to this point. No more, now I know exactly what I need to do and will be practicing to improve the rusty ones. Also discovered my mirrors needed attention and tho I have done well by them up to now, it is far superior with his guidance.  As stressed in boot camp, its extremely important not to drive over curbs, etc – well, do you know where your front right wheel is?  How about the rear fender?

Awesome, awesome education…

5 thoughts on “Boot Camp (corrections added)

  1. Sounds like you have been quite busy! What a change for the RV. Driving school and Boot Camp sound like a great investment….glad you got to feeling better and that you are back on the road now, as your woven journey continues…..


  2. Cheri – it is an investment worth doing and yes, I'm feeling better, still hacking, but fever is gone. Ann & Jerry – it far exceeded what I expected, it was long days of endless info, tips, details, hands on. And they even did meals for us. I'm glad they fed us, as I was doing good getting into the rig, scratch the ears of my boys and head to bed. Food was not part of the equation.


  3. The info on the electric heater is now controversial. If interested, I can send (need your email) the article from Mac the Fire Guy, plus the counter on the subject – or I may post something on this later. So be mindful it may not pertain to our Lazy Daze, but may to others. I'm not qualified to say.


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