Another day or so

Whew!  What a ride!  And not a ride in a vehicle.  I got a call to come in early for my Driving school, so I arrived here, North Ranch, on the 29th, expecting the class on the 30th. Unbeknownst to me, I was coming down with something. Chills slammed into me the afternoon after arrival, played havoc with any hope of taking a class on Wednesday and my iPhone was out of network so couldn’t call to cancel.  The fever broke last night, now just feel like a mac truck ran over me.  But I think I need to force the issue today, as registration is when….?  Heck is it today or tomorrow morning?  Will figure it out shortly, right now wanted to update this blog.  Let’s hope those I left behind at Quartzside nor Marti did not come down with this bug – whatever it is.  The chills were like those I get from allergic reactions, but to the best of my knowledge I had no allergies on this one.  And if someone is reading this, tell Kay that I wouldn’t recommend coming in this weekend, although boon docking spaces seem to be available.

One rig next to me left today and another just arrived.  The rigs are flowing in, I am assuming for the Boot Camp, but I’ve been out of the loop to know if this is true.  I will write more later…

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