Goodbye Q!

Left Quartzside about when the sun coming up would be above my visor, got plenty hugs and goodbyes that will have to suffice until I see them all again next October.  I laughed about 30 miles from there, when my phone rang.  I was at Q for nearly 2 weeks and the phone never rang. Get on the road and it rings twice – two different people. Crazy.

So had a pleasant trip back to Glendale, took a slightly different route, heaven only knows if I made better time, but I went on Sun Valley Rd, which is Bell Rd when its gets into civilization.  Picked up my mail at Gini’s – she was on the way out the door when I got there. I left there and headed back to Sun City West.  I debated about stopping at a grocery store, or even finding a Verizon Wireless store. I decided not on the food, but went in search of Verizon.  Let me tell you… trying to find something like this when there are two sides of the road giant shopping centers is a a complete waste!!!  I circled and circled – never saw the store.  Gave up and headed on over here.

I am in Sun City West for the night, will head north to Congress tomorrow sometime.  I want to get settled in before my driving class happens, so am heading up early. Boot Camp starts on the first of February.  Now its time to do laundry… so will chat more later.

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