Busy work finished…

Yesterday, I took the initiative to take my own sofa out.  I got further along then I expected but got snagged with an unknown (to me), which turned out to be a hex socket thing-a-ma-jig.  When Roger & John realized I had already started and how far I had gotten – think they were surprised a bit. Well, so was I.  And my little drill that Andy suggested I buy was awesome. Turns out Roger has one too.  Nonetheless, they got the big guns out and the rest of the sofa was done in short order. Out the door everything went. I thought I would save the plywood,  the other wood, veneer as well as the cushions to be used down the road. But… the guys pointed out, it wasn’t worth saving the wood. The cushions would have been saved if I could have stored them on end.  As it was, there’s no room for that.  

sofa out
Sofa removed

The ledge is left in place and will be utilized as a shelf later. I will probably stain or paint the ledge too. On left end (picture at left), is the wiring for rear lights, etc and is insulated, so panel is kept in place. The veneer shown at bottom rear of wall, was originally part of the base of the sofa, I decided to re-utilize it as a secure backing of the former storage bin, which I will insulate. It eliminates any chance the cats can get thru. John had a saw to get the left corner angle done for a better fit.  The dark wood near bottom of window will stay for now. It was the piece that allowed the sofa back cushion to be slanted for comfortable seating.

And interesting discovery by many here. Each Lazy Daze has different size sofas.  A RK is about 7″ longer, a RB is 9″ longer, etc.  And none of the MB folks needed new cushions. So all went to the dump!

So if you are just starting to read my blog and wonder why I took the sofa out.  I hope to put in my small floor loom (Baby Wolf) and a flexible desk/work space in this area. I will work on this next winter. I needed the sofa out so when I go back to Alaska in May, I can get my loom into my rig.

I spent most of today organizing all that was broken down when the sofa was dismantled. The cats were furious with me for eliminating their path around the windows in the rear. So I compromised and put my plastic storage bin back in place on the carpet, right next to the remaining sofa.  I will get one or two of those perches one can get for cats to put along the other window.  They seem a little more at ease with how things have changed.  I also put there kitty litter box back there, I had been keeping it between the front seats when not traveling.

I went and dumped my tanks today, and got water too.  I could have lasted at least another 2-4 days, but didn’t want to deal with it when I left. So all is now good until I get to boot camp. Laundry will need to be done soon, but may wait until I get to Boot Camp to do it. Time will tell if another opportunity pops up.

Of course, Mother Nature has other plans, such as rain showers, now that my work is done, although I have one last task to do, well not me per se, but someone else.  So will figure it out tomorrow. If I can get my motion sensor done, I might still spin.

Oh and tomorrow, I am going to do something I haven’t done.  I know how to start it, but I have never baked in my oven.  So today I made a batch of cookie dough, tomorrow I will make my first batch of cookies.  Heck, I might even make something for dinner for Saturday night if we aren’t rained out.  No excuse on my end for not baking before now… Yes Ann, I’m really going to do it! 😉

2 thoughts on “Busy work finished…

  1. After having seen your LD it makes it all more interesting. Glad you got the sofa out. Let me know how the new motion light works. I also will need to go to Boot Camp so anticipating your experience there.


  2. Ah Sara, I think it will be more interesting when I get this space finished. I have several ideas, but how it will pan out is an unknown for the time being. Hopefully, will get the motion sensor up tomorrow, if not, it will have to wait. And yes, I will tell about Boot Camp as well as my RV Driving class. From all that have done this before me – it comes highly recommended, yet I don't know what all will be covered. Am excited about getting this opportunity. The next one is at Gillette, WY – I would suggest you go ahead and register now for it, if they are taking reservations. Also take the driving class too. They have 2 different driving schools – talk to them to figure out which better suits you. I would have taken the 2 day one if I had taken this last year. But you may not need it with your driving experience. So ask them for details. 😉


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