Busy work

The clouds moved in yesterday, somewhat cooler, less of that sun beating down on me. My sunburned arms are itchy now, but my lower part of my face and lips are screaming for moisture still, but are much better today.

Yesterday, I emptied out the storage bin under the sofa that is coming out. Figured I’d have to find a new home for the stuff and all the outside bins still needed to be organized – I gutted everything and started from scratch. Oh my… the things I found that I did not know I had.  It was like Christmas almost.  Managed to sell some of the stuff, as I have no need for, and I added to the free table of other stuff as well.  I have no much space to play with – its amazing!!! It took most of the day to do all that, but its done.  Then I got invited out to dinner with 9 others. We went to the Eatery, a place in town that is a combination of laundry, restaurant and… what else?  I was thinking there was something else, but I didn’t see it last night so maybe its just the laundry and restaurant. Anyway, it was an excellent meal.
Came home, sat around the campfire, but did not last long… headed for bed.

Now everyone here at the Lazy Daze group, keeps commenting about how I’m going to return the sofa back to its original design when I’m done. Uh?  Why would I do that?  I can’t even figure this out?  If a guy takes out the sofa, builds a desk for themselves – do you hear anyone asking them if they are going to return the sofa to its original state???  I was told to toss the cushions, save the plywood to use in other projects and get rid of the rest.  Well, I may save the cushions for now… leave on floor, stack the plywood in corner and leave it as is until next winter.  Its really no big deal.  Well, I’m going to tackle this today.  I will need help when I get to the base to get it out – or I think I will. Who knows, but I will start on that today.  I need to get my rig back in shape, and I can’t do that until this is done. So another busy, productive day.

It rained a little over night… here’s hoping it doesn’t start raining in earnest. This is not the place to be parked if it does that.  So got to get to work.

3 thoughts on “Busy work

  1. Hey Malinda,
    Saw your spinning pictures, very nice. Good luck with the desk project, Andrea has a desk and she gets so much use out of it! Wish we had one but we use both couches when the family visits. So, were stuck using the dinette table.
    Be well and safe travels, ann and jerry


  2. I had to go see what spinning pictures you were talking about Ann! 😉 Safe travels to you two as well! And Sara, I was surprised at how much space there is without the sofa in. Almost everyone has come to look at it, as most have never seen the sofa out.


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