When I realized I hadn’t written since Saturday, figured I would let everyone know that I’m still here. That is in Quartzside.  Until this morning when two rigs left, we had 20 Lazy Daze in camp, there are 2 others across a wash and I understand there was another group of Lazy Daze from the Lake Perris event parked north of I-10.  Just a few in the area…

My friends Pat & Doris came in night before last, they are planning to leave in the morning. I was hoping Laurelee would have been here by now, but it doesn’t appear she will make it before Pat & Doris leave. Lauralee has a new puppy with her.  Pat travels with a beautiful white Samoy dog named Blackie in her Lazy Daze and Doris is traveling with 3 dogs, one cat in her Lazy Daze.  I met both of these women up in Chimacum last August when I just got out of Canada.  They are heading to N.O. and if it works out, I may try to catch up with them and travel for a spell with them.  Won’t know how that will all happen, as they will be about a week ahead of me when I will be able to set out on the road.    If I don’t head toward them, I’ve been invited to join another set of friends down at Senator Wash.  Its sure looking like NM will be put on the back burner this year.

Right now, I’m laying low, enjoying the comings and goings of the gang here at Quartzside. Its getting into the 80s in the day, 30 to low 40’s at night. I’m royally sunburned too.  Its been a long time since I had any decent tan, but when I do get tan I’m dark like an Indian.

My short sofa in the back of my mid-bath is coming out sometime this week. And I am getting the motion-sensor put in too. Beyond that, just enjoying the folks here.  No pictures to be had, but I should have taken a picture of Jimbo learning how to spin.  Will try to get that the next time I get him over here.

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