Quartzside continues

 We are all having fun here in Quartzside and the temperatures are warming up nicely as well. This morning was a virtual heat wave at 37ºF compared to what we have been dealing with for several weeks. I’d be surprised if the temps weren’t in the 70’s today. Got quite toasty, but nice.

Happy Hour of sorts

Today was the opening of the Big Tent here at the Q.  I had no idea what to expect, but figured it would be entirely RV stuff, but it wasn’t by a long shot.  Lots of crap you find at fairs, flea markets and duplicates of the same stuff all over the place. The RV stuff were along the line of joining clubs, how to care exterior, septic stuff, chamois cloths, tires, some heater type things, towing vehicles supplies, lots of solar and LED stuff, insurance companies, water filters, RV bedding… but nothing stood out as a Wow factor to me.  Other than the opportunity to buy refurbished Wave heaters at a super bargain price, and I already ordered a Wave heater.  I did get one LED bulb for over my kitchen sink and a motion sensor for my entry light.  I really felt sorry for all the dogs, big and small, were terrified by the crowds that there owners brought with them. Some little dogs had there own private stroller, but all were stressed to the max and it was really, really sad to see this.

I still maintain the best reason for coming to the Q is the people in our Lazy Daze group!

When we got back to our rigs, Beverly showed me how to do the wiring and installing the LED light in my kitchen. If I ever get others, I now know how to do it.  One of the guys will install the motion sensor for me, probably next week.  The LED light in the kitchen is a huge plus.  I had forgotten they had cool and warm light choices. I just took a box and lucky me got the cool one.  The colors are purer in cool vs warm lights.

Several new folks showed up today, some new to Quartzside, some new to any Lazy Daze event, some in new-to-them Lazy Daze’s. Linda commented they have never had so many single people at any event. Presently its single guys and me, but that will change this week, when more single women are due in. I’ve lost count how many total rigs are here, we are scattered all over this area, close yet apart.  Some leave, then come back, some go for the day and then come back. So there is alot of coming and going, but most of us have gotten pretty good to identify a new one to our crowd here. Roger goes out to meet each new rig.  So its lots of fun to see who has come in.

My phone has dived and gone to hell, not heaven… Remember the out of network last week, I was informed from some of the folks here that they might shut me down. I called AT&T to ask if they would. Oh no, we won’t do anything like that. Guess what, they did. I had good service the first day, then no service… nothing, nada, zero service.  That is until this afternoon when we were installing the LED light and I got an email. Shock!  Obviously, I do NOT trust them.  Tonight I learned that others heard folks today at the Big Tent cussing about their service with AT&T and/or no service as well.  They will lose this customer by the end of the month… I need to be reachable while traveling.

2 thoughts on “Quartzside continues

  1. Thanks Melinda for welcoming my son and I today. We had a great time getting to know everyone and hearing all the advise and suggestions. Saw 8 more LD's in town after we left you.
    Sara in Santa Barbara


  2. I heard those other Lazy Daze folks came from the Caravan gathering at Lake Perris. Who knows why they didn't join us, but they may not have known of us or where. And Sara, you are always welcome to join us/me and I'm delighted you came and got to meet some of the gang. As you discovered quickly, there's a power house of info around these folks. Your time is approaching fast! Can't wait to see you out on the road with us!!!


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