Whirlwind of…

I don’t normally write to my blog twice a day, but this is an exception. Tonight was a whirlwind of memories flowing around, to and from and absorbing all that there is. It was wildly exciting, wildly wonderful and I seriously doubt any of them knew what it all meant to me.  A snippet here, a snippet there just swirled around me, engulfed me, let my wings fly.  Oh it was so unexpected that it grabbed my inner self and brought such amazing peace, contentment and happiness. I have come full circle in a way I never dreamed would happen, little alone happen now.  You know, I can’t quite describe it, but it was magical and I am so happy I was apart of it.

The day, today that is, was just a great day. Went with friends to Blythe to Albertson’s to get groceries, spent a fair amount of time visiting with all kinds of people.  JimBo got his vehicle, to see him walk across the desert with this airy light step of happiness before he got it, was fun to watch. Listening to a couple who are brand new with Lazy Daze, are just so excited, they are smiling non-stop anytime they get near their own rig.  I was so relieved that Roger went to the hospital last night instead of today and they got to his hand before it turned bad – he got a nasty cat bite. His wife gave him a lecture on the phone, so glad all is going to be ok. She’s coming in tomorrow.  Another new to a Lazy Daze showed up and he is delighted to be here. The powerful house of info flows around here. Cookie discovered my Reflectix and the remainder of my 50 yards got split between us and she used Roger’s patterns for our windows and cut mine out as well as hers. We had just enough for the two of us, plus one small piece I suggested she use in her skylight.  Delighted to have these 3 new pieces.  Roger says he uses them as much with the heat as he does with the cold, so will try that out this summer.  As its warming up now, may not need them until summer now. Yippee!!!  Saw how Roger used snaps to place his awning(?)/cover for back window. Saw how Cookie used mirrors to enhance the sense of space, saw different built in pantries, saw all kinds of ideas… I didn’t get in everybody’s rigs, but saw alot of great ideas today.

Late afternoon, as all the comings and goings slowed down, folks gathered for happy hour and snacks around 4. Great conversations, lots of laughter.  As the sun set over the Arizona hills, some left to go back to their rigs and the rest of us headed for the campfire.  While the roaring fire was cooking those nearest, the rest huddled back a bit. Great conversations, trying to keep track of all the various subjects was fascinating to say the least. Such as amperage, polarity, solar panels, upgrades, modified sino wave and pure sino wave, what blows a breaker (lots of different experiences with that one was heard), converters, inverters and experiences with hooking up at campgrounds, etc, etc, etc.  Then near the last of the fire, pretty much embers…

Mike brought out his guitar and started strumming. Oh my… and Gil & Nancy showed pictures of the Burning Man. Between the music, the crazy Burning Man costumes, the sky full of stars, the milky way, good friends and the campfire – that was my whirlwind of magical memories! The memories flashed before my eyes, such great, magnificent good times of old can still happen and did. Oh my gawd did they ever. Each snippet of music played brought swirling memories of old, great friends, great travels, different experiences such as living down the street from the Grateful Dead – good grief that was years ago… or working the concerts to bring druggies down, backpacking, sleeping under the stars, swimming with the dolphins.  It was awesome then and its still awesome to remember it now, now I will be making new memories and what a great start. No maryjane to be had, nary a bottle of wine (tho I could have had), no tent, or VW van but the memories flowed and to experience them once again slammed into my inner self and I found great peace with these folks tonight around this campfire, guitar playing, the stars shining. And knew without a doubt, all is well.   Wow!

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