Good Morning….

Am waiting for the water heater to get hot… so thought I ought to write a line or two. I’m here in Quartzside (Q), great seeing everyone once again, plus meeting new-to-me folks, plus some brand new to Lazy Daze folks. Great food too.  I will take pictures today with my iPhone, as I still can’t find my camera charger. Let’s hope AT&T doesn’t decide to kill the phone today.

At North Ranch, I couldn’t top off my propane tank as they ran out of propane. So figured I get some along the way or here at the Q. Also on the way over here, I figured I could find a grocery store, even a gas station. The one gas station was too high for my blood, but I should have taken it. But got gas here at the Q but what a nightmare getting to the pump, then trying to get the hell out of the place. A gas station overloaded with every conceivable size of RV, plus cars. Why it was that way? Everyone had run out of propane with all these cold temperatures. Propane was on the back side of the gas station. Good grief!  No, I did not fill up with propane.

No grocery store was identified along the route here. So today, I’m going with a couple others to Blythe to get a few groceries.  I have had a heck of a time figuring out what is an actual grocery store down here in the lower 48.  Sure the big ones like Safeway or Albertson’s stand out, but the rest… leave alot to desire.

Last night was a virtual heat wave at 36ºF… let’s hope it goes into the 60’s today. Wouldn’t that be grand!

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