Set, ready, go

Laundry done. Check. Dumped tanks. Check. Refilled water tank. Check. Vacuumed. Check. Cleaned out kitty litter. Check. Put things  away. Check. Set out change of clothing. Check. To shower bag loaded. Check. Outside check of rig. Done. Unplug electrical. In morning.

It was a chilly 30º inside the rig this morning, 19º outside as the sun barely peaking over the horizon. Flipped on heater, and went back to bed.  Won’t be able to do that in the morning if I want to hit the road at a reasonable hour. But that’s tomorrow. Today… I’m questioning why I did not pack a pair of gloves or mittens.. My hands were beet red from the cold wind as I dumped my tanks and filled the water tank.  I had a knit hat pulled down over ears to the top of my glasses, jacket zipped to the chin and that wind was bitter cold. Out of the wind, it wasn’t too bad, but there was no escaping it today as it whipped around everything, over and under and a round and round.  My Utah neighbors were complaining too.  I wasn’t really complaining just frustrated that I didn’t think to grab gloves. Oh well..

Today of all days, AT&T decided to pull an ugly.  I haven’t moved from this spot in a week, I haven’t even used my iPad (I had turned it off completely), and my iPhone – only to make phone calls or to get calls.  Today… they informed me that I’m “out of network” – never seen such a critter on my phone, but there it was today. Apparently, you can’t access another service on Wi-Fi without dumping a huge volume of data onto one’s phone. Or so they say.  Apparently I have added 4 times the normal allowable rate on my phone and if I continued I would be charged hundreds of dollars.  I said – “Sounds just like what you do on International phone calls” (such as driving near or to Canada).  Oh no she said, your not in International area. Duh!  As I told her, I have been in lots of places in the West that has lousy or no service available from AT&T and this has never happened.  Why now?  Well, she freely admitted that AT&T has lousy service in the West – HA!  RVers know that, have known that and that is why RVers use Verizon.  That was probably the most incredible honest thing she said. But back to me.  She told me I should have told AT&T that I would be traveling. Well… I did.  It still doesn’t answer why now they are pulling this now. It makes no sense.

I use Verizon thru Millenicom for internet on my laptop, no contract, renewed once a month, get 25 GB, etc. But I can’t use this with my iPad or iPhone, as they are AT&T.  So I called Apple to buy a new iPhone, as changing service on these gadgets and wanting to keep my own number is not possible online. But…. guess what, Verizon does not do P.O. Boxes. Say what?  So I could use my mailing forwarding service, right? Well not if I want to keep my Alaskan phone number. I’m damned if I do and I am damned if I don’t. The Apple guy suggested that I go into an Apple store to buy this.  Now why is that?  They don’t have to mail it to me as they don’t mail to P.O. boxes.   Oh good grief….  So where does one find an Apple store when out in the middle of the desert?  No where, that’s right.  So I may be losing my phone service until I can get back to civilization.  Its the last thing I need to contend with…

So its been a very busy day.  The temperature never got above 41º, windy, sunny.  I’m heading to the Q where its been equally cold and blustery. If the weather peeps know what they are talking about, we have one, possibly 2 days left of this cold, then things start warming up.  Any bets on this? Laughing.

Oh on one of my mailing lists, someone wrote in asking what preventative measures are necessary when boondocking out in the cold.  Someone wrote in and said you need to keep your rig at 50ºF to protect it. I just about croaked.  I’ve come a long ways since all this cold temperatures became part of my daily life, but 50º???   So I wrote into the list… will be interesting to hear what others say.

So on that note… I suspect I will have internet at the Q, but as normal when I get with this group, the blog will suffer a bit.

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