Chilly morning..

Knock, knock!  I awoke with a odd sensation that I had arrived in Alaska this chilly morning. How I got there or why I decided to go now eludes me.  Then memory came back and I said to myself – silly girl, your not in Alaska, your in Pahrump! And I laid there under my bundle of blankets with two cats snugly against me… too fuzzy for my own good, thought no, that’s not right…  and I must have fallen back to sleep. Now that was just bizarre!!! I did go to bed late last night, but this!  I have no idea what the temperature was in my dream, but this morning it was 22ºF outside and 31ºF inside. And I went back to bed with the cats until the rig warmed up, as I slept with no heat on again last night.

When its this chilly, my cats not only sleep tightly wrapped around each other, but snugly between two points of my body. If I stretch out straight, they are not happy campers. But if I curl up on my side, its a natural fit for them.  I do on occasion get one of them under the blankets with me and their c-o-l-d paws!  Haven’t figured out how to get both under the covers at the same time.. in time I would imagine. But for now it is what it is…

My plans to head for the Q seems to be in my favor on the weather.  Temps will climb up into the 70’s by end of the week, night time lows in high 30’s. We can deal with that night time – I will once again open my window by my head – cats love this!   The only fly in the ointment tho is how or where I can get a crucial piece of mail.  I might have to drive back to Congress to get the mail as the post office at the Q is listed as closed on the web site. I am seeking info from those that are there on whether the post office has indeed closed or if the web site hasn’t been updated.

So… I did not do laundry yesterday. I was entertained by all these folks that stayed hooked up to the water source.  Even those that wrapped their water hoses in foam, pipe insulations, reflectix, some other sort of insulation, including one who put their hose in a tube – all froze. Not one could get water yesterday morning. And to watch them try to unthaw them was the entertainment factor of the season! By mid-afternoon, it was quite apparent no one was successful and all headed for the store and bought gallons of water, as I watched them all getting that into their rigs. By o’dark thirty, all the hoses were unhooked from the rigs, laying on the ground.  As it is, no one took the weather report seriously. What came to mind is the question – how many men does it take to change a lightbulb? To – how many RVers does it take to unplug a water hose?  Laughing here.

While they were huffing and puffing over their frozen water hoses, I got productive. I emptied my wardrobe completely. Interesting things I forgot I had were hidden in the back cubby holes of the closet. I filled a garbage bag full of too big clothes that I saw no need to keep! And I discovered toiletries that I had filled up originally 3 drawers, is down to one drawer. I got two whole empty drawers to play with!  These drawers in my wardrobe are Sterlite plastic drawers that stack on top of each other. I had two different sizes – 3 of each in each size.  So out of the drawers below the wardrobe, I have now emptied of clothes and I decided to put food items in them.  One drawer is my “junk” drawer. Another is the cats drawer. The other two are food items that I kept losing in my cabinet above the dinette. Who knows how I might change this down the road. But it is presently organized!

Life is good…

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