Love good news!

Its been a good day around here at North Ranch.  On my morning trash walk to the dumpster, straight ahead – out by the dog run, was another Lazy Daze.  A blue one no less. I hesitated only so briefly and headed out to see who it was. Figured if they had dogs they would be ok to meet. Perhaps the wrong thought process, but I went with it.  And lo and behold, its someone that’s been reading my blog for quite some time, yet I had not met them.  Today, I met Judy W., her 5 canines got to romp in the dog run while we chatted. Her husband Stu… gosh, did I get that name right? Was inside and I did not speak with him.  We are both scheduled to get our rigs weighed today, so figured I would talk with them more later.  And I did.  Invited Judy into my rig for a kitty-cat fix.  Both Norm and Tucker took to her instantly.  I get alot of new friends needing cat fixes. Most of the time the boys fulfill there fixes, but on occasional they just walk away. Today, they were all over her, sniffing out her clothes as well as working their heads under her hands to get their ears scratched. Yea, I think she got her cat fix. Norm & Tucker told me to tell you are welcome anytime! Ditto from me.

Yes, I finally got my rig’s 4 corners weighed. Outstanding news!  I was clueless whether I was under, over, or ok on my weight.  And I got room to grow! Not that I will, but its nice to know I have breathing room.  Now I need to study the charts to see what the proper tire pressure is suppose to be.  So on my front axle I have 950 lbs of free space. How in the world would someone fill that?  With cones of yarn?? Laughing here on the thought of all that yarn! On the back axle, I have 400 lbs of free space.  Considering how I’m presently packed and how it will alter when I go back home in May, its really nice to know its unlikely I will exceed any of this.

Also, today – I learned I am officially signed up for Escapees RV Driving School. Don’t have a set time for my time with the professional driver, but it will either be before Boot Camp or after.  Don’t care when I get it, I just want it.  From all that I have heard from others who have taken this class, it will be the best spent money I could buy.  There is only one aspect I know I need help with, but listening to others I will learn a lot of new tips, and old tricks that still work that they teach.  Can’t wait!

And let see… the high today was 41º and breezy. It was sunny too. Been alerted to another Freeze Warning for tonight, no doubt about it… the temp doesn’t have to drop much to reach the warning level. I heard its colder in Q, so will stick to my plans to head down on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Love good news!

  1. Thanks Sara! So when are you going to start working on your own blog? Guess you noticed I posted a link to your blog! You could report what you are doing as you wait for your new Lazy Daze… 😉 Let's see, how many times have you organized a pile of stuff for the rig, then reorganized it again?


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