Simple things…

Its the little things, the simple ones that really shine on any given day. An unexpected find yesterday sent everyone into a celebration. I found a cuff link. Didn’t give it much thought, but dropped it off at the office. The staff said it was the missing cuff-link from nearly 3 years ago.  It belongs to a man who got the cuff links from his grandfather.  They never thought it would be found, but since then, the man has bought into North Ranch, so they called him to the office.  So I waited for his arrival.  I got a bear hug from what looked like Santa Claus with tears of joy in his eyes. I quickly learned it was more than a gift from his grandfather, but a very special heirloom from the Civil War days. Oh my goodness.  On top of that, this gentleman has the Civil War uniform and a picture of the ancestor wearing the cuff links. Special, very special deal and I’m so thrilled I found this little cuff link for him.

In the midst of all that, I learned that the SmartWeigh person lives here at North Ranch.  So I called him and he can get me in tomorrow (Friday).  Yippee!  As many know, I had not found a place anywhere to weigh my rig. Tried all kinds of places without luck.  So now I will find out if I’m within weight. I sure hope so!  But first, I have homework to do.  Some of the initials are familiar but could not tell you what they stood for.  So spent yesterday afternoon, studying my tires in depth, then the manual, then back to the tires then recording all that lingo onto a duplicate form that I will hand to him tomorrow.

Also yesterday, I learned today of all days is a Bake Sale day they do each month. How lucky can I get!?!   Not only that, but there were sign up sheets if you wanted to special order.  The sign up sheets were deadly… thank goodness I couldn’t smell all that which I could have signed up for.  I ordered Oatmeal Bread and cinnamon rolls – folks both were put in my hands still hot from the oven… I think I have gone to heaven… I managed to get home and spread some good ol butter on the oatmeal bread while it was still hot… oh my… was that delicious!!!   I also learned that folks who live in the desert make buns for sandwiches, then the bread doesn’t dry out so quickly. Interesting.  They had some homemade buns, so bought some and stuck in my freezer. They are thicker than typical buns and the gals said it did not contain high fructose syrup like store bought buns. That’s good.  Now to hold off on the cinnamon rolls until breakfast…

Today, an Escapees person came around to every rig with info slip containing the Freeze Warning info and suggestions for those hooked to water. In fact, there is a Freeze Warning issued from tonight thru Saturday morning. Brrrr…  I have been surprised by all these folks just wrapping their hoses with foam.  Why don’t they just bring in their hose for the night? Its not just the water hose that can freeze… but that is what the little slip of paper addressed.  The only thing I have hooked up is electric.  Having been thru more than enough of these below freezing temperatures since November, I know I will be ok.

I’ve added to my Blog’s list today.  I have met more than half of these folks and had been meaning to get there blogs on here. Great people. I will add more when I think about it.

2 thoughts on “Simple things…

  1. Hi Melinda,

    That was really amazing that you not only found the cuff link but returned it as well it's owner. I can only imagine the joy he must have felt.

    I am also aware of the cold temps. It only makes sense to disconnect your hose. Just use it whenever you need to fill the tank.

    If you are in the area stop by Quartzsite, AZ where a bunch of us LD'ers are camped out in the desert and having a great time.


  2. It was amazing that I even found the cuff link at all as its nothing but rocks here. But I am so happy that I did… I'm heading into the Q on Tuesday morning. Steve & Jiggs got me to follow your blog for awhile now. Great blog!


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