Cacti and stuff

As I was waiting for the photos to upload for this posting, the ground underneath my wheels sharply shook then a super loud explosive sound erupted. The cats wide-eyed dived for the covers and all I could say was WOW!  That was the sound barrier being broken and its been years upon years since I heard it.
Due to weather forecast for this upcoming weekend, instead of going for the Q, I have come to Escapees North Ranch here in Congress once again.  Boondocking in the teens (windchill factor) or 20s does not excite me.  I want electricity and that is why I am here.  Its hard to imagine it will be that cold, as today its a warm 68º, my rig is wide open and I have shed layers.
I got a hair cut, one of the small pleasures in life is letting someone else to wash, fix one’s hair. Or at least I think its a pleasure.  This gal did a grand job too..  Before the hair cut, had lunch at Rosie’s, an Italian restaurant, with Marti – my gracious host taking me places today.  In her car, as mats on the floor, are these little bound pieces of rugs – love them!  Small enough to use in my rig so we hopped over to the store and for 50 cents a piece, picked up 3. One made it into my bathroom, the other two have been claimed by Norm & Tucker.  
A warning to folks traveling. I had a check from RVWomen when I canceled membership with them. I originally took it to Marti’s bank, but they refused to cash it. Told me to take it to the bank in which the check was written. In this case, it was Chase Bank. The check was for $70.00.  I just wanted to cash it, but in hindsight, should have deposited it.  As Chase charged me $6.00 to cash a check that they had written. SIX dollars!!!!  So out of my check I got $64 dollars. I’m pissed.  Chase will never get my business and this sealed that promise. Chase was my Mother’s credit card when she lived with me. Even with a power of attorney I had and my Mom’s blessing to cancel this card, they would not do it unless my Mother came into the bank. Not possible in Alaska as there are no Chase banks.  Then they insisted she talk to them in person and read off her credit card number. She was blind. And they also charged her fees for lack of using the card (over and above annual fees). And now this $6 charge. Good riddance Chase Bank.
Remember my comment about ordering the catalytic heater.  Via a word-of-mouth, I have found someone that will not only install the heater, but down the road, will do annual maintenance on the rig, etc. Also, a company that I have not yet dealt with, but that a lot of Lazy Daze folks swear by – AM Solar – also recommends them – Precision RV. So after the Q and after Boot Camp, I will get my catalytic heater installed. Bet you anything, it will warm up by then… (NEW note – Precision RV would not acknowledge this appointment, was quite nasty. He does not want to do small jobs and said as much. Then later that day, he tried to backpedal when he found my email about our scheduled appointment and tried to be so-o-o-o sweet and apologetic – DO NOT USE HIM!  Also, AM Solar does not recommend him, as I called them.  I found someone else to do… )
Before arriving just before sunset, yesterday, I had spent the previous night and yesterday at Sanderson Ford Truck and RV Center, in Glendale, AZ.  I got my oil and filter changed, all fluids checked, all points inspection done and a front wheel alignment.  I was tickled when they told me what the number meant on the brakes. I had one notch down from the original.  Patted myself on my back for that, as dealing with steep grades, I learned how not to use them brakes.  I was impressed with their service, there willingness to answer questions and to teach me more about what I was asking about.  And the cost of the service came in nearly $250.00 less than what they originally quoted me. For what they did, a very fair price.  Oh and the front end realignment – only the right side was off and only by 1.4º.  No wear on tire at all. I feel really good on all this.
All these photos are from Marti’s home in Sun City West, AZ. But these photos on this page have an attitude that I can’t seem to alter, so they are presented as THEY think they should be positioned.  In future, will see if I can’t set up a slide presentation than this way.  Can click on any image to see large image.
Curly cacti

Its a baby cacti!

Little pink flowers popping out

Little pots of cacti

Odd looking cacti

White fuzzy cacti, with tiny pink flowers





Fruit galore!

Loved the colors

Another curly cacti

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