A few words..

Figured I would add a note now vs later.  The schedule is slightly altered – you knew it would do that, laughing here.  After my running arounds tomorrow, I will come back to Gini’s and will move my rig to the Ford place for the night, so I don’t have to get up so early on Tuesday to get there.  After the work done, I may have to make a trip back to Gini’s to receive a package, but won’t know for sure until tomorrow.

As broke as I seem to be these days… I decided being cold is for the birds and I have taken steps to improve on this situation.  The RV propane heater works to a point, but is costly, and when the fans goes on all 3 of us jump and even if you turn it off the fan still runs. If I ran it all the time, say on non-stop cloudy days or at night – it would drain my batteries if my solar can’t recharge itself. And the big thing, I really can’t run it at night, when its actually quite cold, due to immense amount of condensation. So I don’t have heat at night. In fact, usually have the window opened by my head. It makes running to the bathroom only at the last resort. Well, I wonder how many of you are willing to undress, hop in the shower and hop back out to get dressed in temperatures of the 20º-30ºF range. Well I tell you, that’s what I have been contending with.  I’ve getting this mastered!  If I have electricity, I have a little heater that saves my frozen what-have-you’s, but I am boondocking more and more.  No electricity and going thru propane like I have a huge stack of money – something needs to change. And my cats agree wholeheartedly.

So I ordered myself a catalytic heater today.  I have read, reread many opinions on what is better on the radiant heating, the pros and cons, size of BTU’s, etc.  and thinking of my situation of having cats romping thru the rig and their tails swishing back & forth, I decided it would be safer if I had one installed.  I can’t afford to have this installation right now, but at least I will have a heater that can be installed when I can find someone. It will use less propane, won’t draw off of the batteries or need electricity. Quiet even sounds nice, as one of its features.  So I will continue to deal with the cold until I can get it installed.  Gini gave me a source to call about installing this, he wasn’t answering today, so will call tomorrow.  If he could do it when I get back here near the end of the month or after my boot camp, I will take him up on that.

For all my new RV friends, who I have teased over the last several months that it wasn’t cold – when I wore a t-shirt and they were wrapped up in a parka, hat & gloves…  I still wear t-shirts in daytime, but… and that is all I’m going to say. Laughing here.

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