Best laid plans

I seem to be doing this very well… that is make plans and they fall apart before my eyes.  Just part of the game of living on wheels, I guess.  So I mentioned I would probably move over to Sun City West, but I’m not, I’m staying right where I’ve been all week. My Aunt got me a hair appointment – yippee!!! That is Monday afternoon. We got together yesterday, got caught up on news, etc. and Monday we will go for lunch, then to get my hair cut, and then I get to go see their house. Before my Uncle passed away, we heard them tell stories of spending January juicing tons of tangelos.   Now wouldn’t that be grand? When my Mom was living with me, they would send her tree-ripened grapefruits… she loved them, in fact inhaled was a better description.  I know from years ago in having fruit trees, there is no comparison of fruit straight off the tree and the stuff they sell in the grocery stores.  I have gotten a few tangerines off the tree here at Gini’s – they are delightful, simply delightful.

To know I will get a hair cut on Monday, I decided to chance getting my rig into service. Called this morning, after going thru these young gals that don’t know squat about vehicles, being tossed from one person to another, bingo!  I got connected. Not only did I get connected, I’m in for Tuesday morning. Wow!  The man of the hour, not only gave me his direct office number but his own cell number so I don’t have to go thru all that again. I didn’t even ask for it.  So this is good. Something else I learned, which might come in handy down the road, they have 30/50 amp  and water hookups, but no dumping of tanks. Wow! again. So I could park there overnight or more without any issue.  And I learned, one can bring ones rig in and leave it and they will get to it when they can or you make an appointment and you get in pretty fast. Since I’m living in my rig, I won’t leave it.  I will let the Lazy Daze group know about them if they do good work.  I’m impressed so far, but time will tell.  To find any place that will do the servicing of the engine on a RV in the Ford family is rare, so if this is good its well worth noting and sharing with others.  All of my previous oil changes have been crawling under the rig doing it, as no one had the means to raise the rig. One used a jack to raise one corner – boy was that scary looking.  IF I can ever afford levelers, those can be used to raise the rig, alas, I don’t have them yet.  And folks, I used to change my own oil and filter, spark plugs, you name it, but I don’t do these big guys, the rigs.

So I’m here now until Tuesday.  Today, I got a package from my mailing service. I got a Christmas card – from upstate NY and a Handwoven journal, National Genealogical journal, and my roadside assistance info from CoachNet and…. drumroll I got a Christmas care package from my friend in Palmer.  Loaded with homemade candies, cookies, Raspberry cocoa, Alaska honey, granola, a salmon dip to make and a family photo Christmas card… gosh it just about brought me to tears… what a wonderful thing to receive. I promptly called and thanked her. We chatted for quite sometime.  Its been a few months since we did.  I’ve spent so much time on the phone today, that I haven’t had a chance to flip thru the journals, little lone read them.

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