Plotting the course…

I have a few days left in the area. No service on my rig to be done this time as I couldn’t get an appointment. Decided not to do Casa Grande either. And then there’s this haircut business..  I want a word-of-mouth recommendation not some fly-by-night joker who claims can cut hair. But can I get it done… not yet.  So may have to resort to whoever. Hate it, but I need a hair cut. Its especially true knowing I’m going to be boondocking for a few weeks. Guys or gals with long hair, natural curly hair, permed or thick hair – don’t seem to have much issue. But us folks who have fine hair, needs to be washed daily and ideally use a hair dryer to get some volume. Well, there’s no air dryer when boondocking.  I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping the hair manageable when cut, but right now, I can wash it and its flat as a pancake against my head. Not good.  It does this when its gotten long.  

So where am I going that I will be boondocking – for starters, at my Aunt’s home in Sun City West. Actually that would be considered dry camping vs boondocking.  Then will head for the Q.  I will stock up on extra water, food to share. I’ve debated with myself about stopping at the Q, then head to Lake Perris for the Lazy Daze Caravan, then come back to the Q… but I think I’m going to pass on Lake Perris. Not set in stone yet, but that’s how I’m leaning at the moment. There’s a Bluegrass Festival in Blythe that might be fun to do as well.  All kinds of things I “could” do, but do I want to?  As usual, will just play it as it happens and see how it evolves.

Yesterday, was a beautiful warm day here in Glendale. In fact, it was the warmest weather I’ve experienced since October.  It was cold at night, but what else is new? laughing here.  But the warmth was appreciated, as I could air out my RV and it needed that. Also did laundry, and the shirts I hung in the rig to dry, quickly dried with the windows all open. Nice.  So will vacuum today, put some stuff away and then if I’m leaving tomorrow, there won’t be much left to do.  I won’t know until this afternoon if I leaving here tho. I unhooked from household electricity yesterday, not sure why I had it hooked up, but forgot it was hooked a couple of nights ago when I was going to use the microwave. Not!  Popped the breaker straight away. Ever since, there is a buzzing sound when hooked to the house electricity, so I unhooked it.  I seriously do not need it.  I love my self-contained RV…

Well… not getting much done sitting here writing to my blog.  So have a great day!

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