Yea! Its a new year

Happy New Year everyone!  Are you ready? Ready for everything and anything?  One of you is waiting with baited breath for her new Lazy Daze. She is just beside herself in anticipation. Another moved into a new home, a true adobe home – what a gem of a find for them. Another is looking for a home after they sold there home and living with family until it happens. Then there are others working on new-to-them looms, and another has a first grandchild and others are having class reunions. The new year brings on all kinds of activities already planned. Yet we each need to keep space, openness, flexibility to handle all that may present itself this year. Let’s just kick back and make it the best year yet!  And beware, there are potholes in the road.

Len & his oldest daughter

Today is a special birthday of my second Dad, Len.  He is 93 years old today. (I thought he was turning 95 and Len thought he was turning 91).  Called my second Dad, as when my own Dad wasn’t around, Len stepped up to the plate. He’d give this stern look, shake his head and we would all back pedal. Laughing here. His wife, Ann, was my 2nd Mom. These two raised 3 girls and one boy. Long, long time family friends. I’ve got pictures of the girls (ye boy wasn’t in the picture yet) and us dressed up in our best Easter dresses, shoes & socks with ruffles.  You betcha, we were all ready.  I can’t tell you how many years we’d spend either at their house or at ours each Sunday after church, waiting for dinner, and us kids were playing cards.  If we weren’t playing cards, we were outside playing hop-scotch, It, tether ball, or some other game.  So when I went over to see Len a couple of days ago, its the 1st time I had seen him in over 21 years. He not only recognized me, it was an absolute delight to spend time with him. I plan to spend more time while in this area, or when passing thru.

I’m on a holding pattern right now. Between visiting with Len, I will connect up with my Uncle’s wife in a day or so. I’m trying to get an appointment to get the Ford part of my rig serviced, may have to come back to do that.  Its due, plus get a front wheel alignment. And I really need a hair cut… I’m too shaggy for my own good. And next weekend, am heading for Casa Grande, as I take a slow movement toward Quartzside, referred from now on as Q.

See the Christmas tree?

So I’m presently parked in a fellow Lazy Daze owner’s driveway here in Glendale, AZ so I can visit with Len, then see my Uncle’s wife. She has me hooked up to household electricity, which  exceeds previous hook ups I have had.  I haven’t pushed it tho, like I won’t run my hair dryer on her plug.  The following is a picture out the back of my rig one evening. The orange thing on the right, is the back side of Norm.

I’m really excited about the new year, great anticipations of things to come. Until things warm up, I’m sticking to the Southwest this year.

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