Happy New Year’s eve!

Whew! I wondered if I was going to survive 2012, but I did.  Its been quite the year and not one I care to repeat. I don’t often say that, as most years I’ve had such a good time, repeating it would not have been an issue. But not this year. I will not dwell on the negative, but must share the overview of the positive.

For starters… friends.  My goodness, I have been blessed with the most amazing friends.  They are such an inspiration. Their creative minds draw one in and allows expansion of new ideas.  Basically, a creative sounding board.  They are a delight to see what interests them, how they tackle things, interact with others and just be an all around interesting person. My friends do not know what boredom is, if it sneaks in their door, its banished in an instant.  Love it!  This year, I have gained a whole new bunch of  friends from different walks of life, which we all have one thing in common – out RV’s, more precisely our Lazy Daze RV’s.  Life it good, the ride is awesome and it is a simple joy to share, to learn and to enjoy the time with them, when we meet out on the road.

My present home is a gem of a residence.  It allows me, my two cats (Norm & Tucker) to live quite comfortably in a length of 27′ of space. Remarkable, if you stop and think about that.  The only thing I’m missing is a recliner.  Well, that’s not quite true, if I wanted a recliner in here, I could put one in.  This rig sleeps 6, but I doubt I would ever go above 3 people, as there is only one bathroom, but not because of 6 people – I’m sure its been done with 1 bathroom, I just don’t want to do it.  Its self-contained.  As I have learned, I can easily go 2 full weeks without being hooked up to electricity, water or sewer, or need to dump my tanks or refill water.  That was even done with 2 extra people in the rig near the end of the two weeks.  Very efficient little rig.  I finally figured out how to even charge my MacBook Pro when not hooked up to electricity.  Had tried a 150 w inverter, but the poor ol inverter got too hot before it had charged my laptop.  Then I learned, some things don’t like modified sino waves and one needs pure sino – well, I found a 85 w pure sino inverter for my laptop – works magnificently.  My iPad & iPad is no issue recharging, it was just that laptop that held me up for awhile.

Now having several months under my belt on living in this rig… I plan to alter the interior slightly. There are two sofas (that make a king size bed) in the back of my rig. I’m going to remove one sofa, the street side one, and I will apparently lose one storage bin in the process.  Doing this, will allow me to put in my small floor loom and possibly have a small desk. The desk would help, no matter how small, as I’m presently using the dinette and its the wrong height to work well.  I’m still open for ideas on how to make this all work and be extremely functional without much weight.  So I got time…

And well… its been fun.  I’m excited to be starting a new year. 2013 will allow my new chapter in life to evolve, grow and build a solid foundation.  Its not every day one is given this opportunity! How it will evolve is unknown, but the flexibility of it all, allows it to evolve.  And I’m along for the ride!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s eve!

  1. Sara, I'm not much of a picture taker – can you tell? 😉 In Alaska, its a wasted effort to get the full affect and I just quit trying. Putting what I see into words is easier for me. I will try to improve on photos, as your not the only one asking.


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