A nice surprise this morning! The USPS web site told me the package was still elusive and I figured why stick around. About the time I was unplugging, got notified the package had indeed arrived. So wasted time, well not quite… until I could go to post office.  Two friends who play Words with Friends,  asked if I would play. Sure, why not!  So while waiting, downloaded the app and sent off words to both of them… funny thing tho, this is NOT a fast game by anyone’s imagination. One has to wait for the other party to post a new word.  So these two (they don’t know each other) got me to play this and then quit posting.  Well, one did more than the other, nonetheless I had a good chuckle over both of them.

Got my package, the well traveled package.  Dumped the contents, so I could toss the box and hit the road.  I made it thru Las Vegas before rush hour – a huge plus, considering I missed the 2nd interstate to turn onto and had to go smack dab thru the middle of Las Vegas to get the other interstate to head toward Boulder City. Trust me, I did not want to be doing this at rush hour. Had made reservations at Canyon Trails RV Park for one night. Its 20º warmer here than when I left Pahrump at Noon. The night will be a little warmer than Pahrump, but not much difference.  Tomorrow night, no campground, I will be boon docking somewhere near Wickenburg, I think.  There’s not much, if anything, between I-40 and Wickenburg, so plan to leave early and get some miles under me before attempting to stop.  Its too far in a RV to drive the 284 miles between Las Vegas & Phoenix in one day, so I won’t.  I’d rather tackle Phoenix with a good night’s sleep vs a long day’s drive thru no-man’s land.

So the package was for some much needed goods, am delighted it made it before I left. I have learned a valuable lesson tho. My mailing service is really a superb service, but I’m not going to have packages sent this way in the future. I will do General Delivery directly from a business instead.  Who knows why my package was so far off course and to take so dang long, but no more of that.

This morning, I had talked with Gini about the elusive package and told her of some new quirks developing in my rig. We laughed, as there is always something, just like owning a house.  I need to do some research, read the manual, etc before attempting to fix them.  But its nothing compared to what she is dealing with.  So no more work today…  I have not ordered a pizza in over a year and most definitely have not had a quality pizza in over 15 years – guess what I’m ordering for dinner? Laughing here.

One thought on “Onward…

  1. The Adventure Continues! I hope you enjoyed the Pizza, you deserve a reward! The snow is falling, the trees are all dressed up for the season, and it is quiet, still, and full of wonder. A few birds are darting about. The sky is grayish white, the snow is white, the trees are dark charcoal with white snow on each bough. It is warmer, and the icicles are slowly dripping, which I hope doesn't mean it will warm up so much that it will rain. I hope your day is going well today as you make your way to Phoenix. You could always stop in and see my Dad!


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