Another day..

I’m still here… in Pahrump!  I had so wanted to leave today, but delays beyond my control put a real damper on this.

First, filling of propane was amazing to me. Normally, this is a one person job – but today was by 5 people and none of them could figure out what the next was doing or when.  I never hang near when they are filling and either these folks were learning how or they just didn’t care if their lungs were filling with gas. Over and above that, all those with individual tanks went first, disregard being the 2nd person in line. Really odd.  What should have been a couple of minutes turned out to be 45 minutes.  Glad I’m not in any hurry.

2nd delay was the post office. The post-Christmas long line was evident in all its glory. Wasn’t too concern by that and when I finally got up to ask about my package, was sad to hear it wasn’t in yet. But did learn the General Delivery will forward packages here at Pahrump, to anywhere FREE, but they asked me to check tomorrow, if not in, I will give my next destination.  Even they expressed concern as its meandering to too many places vs here.  Wish I knew what I was getting! Probably something that was back ordered and I have forgotten about it. Anything is possible.

And lastly, the weather was rather ominous this morning, really black sky with brown and green in the clouds. Not a friendly sky whatsoever.  No precipitation happened here, but the clouds were in the direction I needed to go.

Tomorrow’s forecast is a whole lot better, but I won’t be able to leave early due to the post office run. So will head for Henderson or Boulder City tomorrow night, then head South the next day.  Plan to take Highway 93 vs SR 95 down.  More of a direct route, just hoping the high parts don’t have frozen bridges, etc.  But will take it in stride and enjoy getting back out on the road.

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