Hurry up Christmas!  I need to get going down the road.  The package that has held me in this sad little town is remaining elusive!  It took 7 days to get to Denver (from TX), 2 days before it left Denver. Then learned it made its way to Bell Gardens, CA (LA area) yesterday and it did leave Bell Gardens today. But where did it go????  If I don’t wait for this package, it will be sent back via media mail to TX and I will have to pay to have it resent from my mailing service there. I was forewarned from my fellow full-timers about this. So that is why I’m still waiting.  Normally, it only takes 3 days to get my mail from TX to anywhere I am parked.

I was suppose to have left here last Wednesday and I will be lucky if I leave this Wednesday.  I will fill up on propane and then stop at the post office before I head out – that is if my package is here.  I’m heading for Scottsdale for a birthday party and I don’t want to miss it.  But I also have friends to see this time around, as I did not connect with them when I went thru in October.  I will only be in the Phoenix area for about a week or less (if package doesn’t come Wed) before I will leave again. It will be a busy week, but I need a busy week.

Well, my rig is cleaned, stuff put away, and the cats are watching me like a hawk as they recognize we are hitting the road very soon.  They are not big fans on moving down the road. They prefer me to park it right next to the cat TV.  Cat TV is anything that contains birds, wildlife, other pets to keep them entertained. All I have to do is open the shades in the morning.  I’ve been thinking of getting one of those hummingbird feeders that takes suction to hang on my back window. That would definitely entertain them.  But alas, I don’t have one. They do ok traveling now. I make a point to stop at rest areas to stretch my legs, eat a bite of lunch and let them get up and stretch too.  When moving down the road, they stay above my head, in the bed. I pull the little curtains up here, so its darkened for them, but they could still see out all the other windows.  Once I figured out this is best for them, no more howling as I went down the road.  But if I’m on the road too many hours, Norm tells me in no uncertain terms that its time to stop.  So I don’t need a clock…

So tomorrow, Christmas dinner won’t be served until 4 in the afternoon.  So I will dump tanks, fill up water tank and then play some computer games.  No work tomorrow.

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