Waiting for tea to brew..

As I wait for the tea, am watching the cats play in the sunshine streaming thru the back window on this chilly morning.  Its was 22ºF this morning… the trials of living in a RV in the cold comes to its full head of realization when you get up to make a potty run, come back to your bed and the sheets became so profoundly frigid in the short time one is gone – instant wide awake!!! Its almost painful its so damn cold. But once again it was a warm balmy 33º inside the rig. Ha!  I did break stride last night and went to bed with my electric heater on, but I had to get up about 1 am to turn it off, as I was too hot. But I was delighted with the results of adding Reflectix to my bathroom window and skylight – huge difference.  Today, I will add a piece to the kitchen window and possibly to my entry door.

Yesterday, other than another failed attempt at the post office to get a package, I tried, oh I tried to do nothing all day.  I think I must face the music that I’m just not good at doing nothing.  So what did I do yesterday?  Trip to grocery store for kitty litter, out to lunch with my neighbors here,  and I unloaded 6 RV related books to the library here, that’s weight I don’t need, as I never used those books.  I connected with my friend Gini and I’m going to stay at her house in AZ so I can go to the birthday celebration I had mentioned previously. I’m so excited that I get to do this. Gini apparently has room in her driveway for both of our Lazy Daze’s! Then Gini & I will make a side trip to Casa Grande for her to get her solar panels fixed, then we are heading to Quartzside. It will be fun to travel with someone else for a change.

So that darn package, that the tracking system with USPS states left Houston on Dec 14th and that’s how its been listed until this morning. Now it is telling me its in Denver of all places – its going the wrong direction!   I’m not at all sure what to do if its not here before I need to leave. Another challenge to figure out.  One of the other (of the 3) still states it left Houston on the 14th, but I picked it up at the post office on the 17th.  So there’s no guarantee on any of this.

I’m not planning anything particular today…other than the Reflectix, but that won’t take long. I could do laundry… just might do that… or not.   Oh funny, funny thing just happened.  A rather large older woman (not elderly) just walked by with reindeer antlers on her head, she’s dressed in brilliant red slacks, red shoes, red gloves and I can see a snowman on front of her shirt and she has a bomber jacket on.  Then right behind her – who knows if they are related – a man is bright red leotards, trimmed in green ruffles (he should have just worn a red suit – long johns) and what looks like a felted red shirt, could be flannel, but not sure. And he has a santa cap on his head.  I just chuckled over this. They are headed for the club house, considering the time of day – they are both going over to have coffee with the gang.  Laughing…

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