Learned something else!

As the nights grow colder (26ºF) and the days (42ºF), I’ve been running during the day, my little cube of an electric heater vs my propane heater. Or even trying to use the obnoxiously loud heat pump.  Well… guess what, I’ve learned how to blow breakers…  very simply at that.  I have 30 amp electricity on this rig and one can have lights, run the electric heater, even the microwave without too much ado, well you can’t add a hair dryer.  Even no lights, no microwave – the heater & hair dryer will blow…  So when this happened the first time (managed to do this twice in short order), I went outside to the pedestal to hit the breaker. Nothing changed.  As I puzzled over this, as I have not encountered this issue, my neighbor stopped to chat.  She showed me how to trip the breaker in my control box – why in the heck didn’t I think to check that!!!  Sure enough, we restored power. But when I told her what I was doing, she looked confused – so I demonstrated and I blew it again.  It was an a-ha moment for both of us. So… will keep a better handle on that one.

This morning as I was shocked by the frigid air at 5 am as I went for a potty run, the temperature inside the rig was 33º, the outside temperature was 25º. So I turned on my electric heater. By 7am when I got up (I was awake long before, just didn’t want to get up), the temp was 48º inside and its was 26º outside. It was too warm under the blankets and too cool to crawl out and then the cats were snug next to me so I couldn’t move. It takes a whole lot longer to get going on these cold morning. But there is no hurry in this life…

Since Monday, I have gone to the post office each day to pick up packages. I knew of 4 coming in (3 from TX & 1 from AK). Got 2 little ones on Monday (1/2 was junk mail!!!), none on Tuesday, one on Wednesday (the Reflectix I ordered, as I haven’t found it at local stores for months now).  And I have no idea what is in this last package. But the point of it all, the notification system told me all 4 were in on Monday.  Hence the reason I have kept returning to the post office. So now I see why full-timers told me to give it a full week to get packages. Until this, I would get my stuff in 3 days or less.  This post office in Pahrump is not RV friendly at all. There is no way to park there.  You would think it would be for all the RV parks in this little town.   And these packages not coming in, would have held me here as well.  Something to consider.

Well, I was invited to meet up with family friends in Scottsdale to help celebrate a 94 year old’s birthday on Jan 1st.  I spent most of yesterday, trying to find a campground to park, get laundry done, etc. Nothing is available, nothing.  So I next looked for State Park and/or boondocking sites and nothing is available anywhere near this area, I can find something way, way out of town, but I’m not too keen driving in the city to and fro. So am frustrated…  I have a couple of other options, so will tackle that today.  It would be great to meet up with them, see all their kids (who are all married now, etc), plus celebrate Len’s birthday.  So shall keep my figures crossed that I can make this happen.

Other than another trip to the Post Office, I’m not planning on working on anything, doing much else or  being anything but lazy today.  Guess I will wait to see how long that lasts. Laughing here.

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