Changing plans

To start meeting with strangers in strange places for Christmas doesn’t seem to be working out – the strangers being the LoWs (Loners on Wheels) which I joined at the end of October, but have yet made it to a gathering. And today, several ladies in the park, asked if I would stay thru Christmas. So I guess I will.   So I’m attached to a table… need to figure out a side dish…

So will postpone getting propane until the day after Christmas, then hit the road going South.  Sounds like some LoWs might be strumming a guitar or more for New Years, so may check this out. As in everything I do, nothing is set in stone… flexible seems to be my middle name these days…  No matter what I do for Christmas, it will be entirely different than anything I’ve done in the past.

So the storm clouds blew in and brought zero precipitation and a whole lot of cold wind.  The weather forecast keeps stating we are having 50 + degree days, when in reality its only gotten to mid-40’s, if we are lucky. So they are telling us tomorrow the high will be 47º, does that mean its going to be the high 30’s?  Who knows, but the wind is rocking the rig non-stop this evening. Glad I’m not heading out tomorrow, I’m not a particular fan of driving RV’s in windy, gusty conditions.

Today, I met several women folks here in the park for a Hand Spa day. What a delightful way to get ones hands done and meet others at the same time. The hands just loved this pampering. And the ladies also presented tea and cookies to round out the day. Delightful fun couple of hours.

I’ve been so busy since I’ve been here, that I haven’t played much. But I’m at the point I need to take a break before I head out next week. Not sure what I might get into, maybe cards or something else, but it will be a change in pace from the tedious work I have been working on.

For those getting ready to retire and starting RVing… I had wondered if I would get bored or lonely – neither has happened.  I love the fact I can socialize when I need that, or I can go off alone to do my own thing. Folks have a tendency to keep track of you either way if they don’t hear from you in awhile.  I thought I would just park somewhere and stay in one spot, and I find I like the travel part as well as being parked. Considering I rarely exceed 250 miles a day, more like 180-200 miles/day. Its a whole lot slower pace than I had done when driving my car.  Well, I’ve learned to not drive fast in my RV. One it makes a tank of gas last a whole lot longer, and you really have no place you have to be by a certain time, so kick back and enjoy the ride.  Generally, its 55 mph for me – occasionally it pops up to 60, but rarely above that. If its windy I slow way down, as it is easier to handle the rig.  I still have trouble after all these months, not to pick up speed when I have a semi on my butt.  For years, I left these trucks in the dust, but with the RV I don’t want to drive the 70 or 80 mph or more speed some of these roads now have for speed limits. But its un-nerving to look in your rear mirror and see the drivers of the semi’s, not even the grill work of there rigs, but the driver.  I’m getting better, but its been a tough one to break. A trooper said to keep easing off the gas pedal and folks will pass, and driving 55 mph is legal…. but, but, but I don’t like a furious truck on my butt.  This is a common conversation when you get with a group of RVer’s – how to deal with that.  So you are not alone on encountering this…

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