Let’s see now…

One of the neat features of full timing in one’s RV is that you can go when you want, stay if you want, change your mind frequently – but I do need to remind myself at times that I can do all that, that I’m not tied to one spot.  I’ve been here at Pahrump since I left Live Oak. Originally came to get out of CA and to do laundry. Then learned at $90/week with full hookups, I was saving a bundle of money if I would just sit here until Death Valley happened. Well the first week, it was in the 60’s in the day time and low 40’s at night. Perfect.  Then the rains came and we are doing good if we reach 43ºF in the daytime now, nights are 20-30’s. Had a couple of conversations with fellow RVer’s and after my saying “why am I staying here, I have nothing to prove on surviving the cold?” I asked myself – so why are you staying Melinda? The forecast for the next week or more are of the same range of temps and Death Valley is only slightly warmer in day and colder at night. So… no more.  As soon as my mail comes in from TX, I’m heading South, again.  Q (short for Quartzside, AZ) is my designation in January, but between now and then the playing field is wide open.

I think if I’m going to make a new tradition on what I will do for the holidays, I might as well do something totally new to me. I may join the LoW’s at the Slab.  Recently joined this group, but have never been to one of their gatherings and I’ve never been to the Slab. In fact, I only know of one LoW and she’s the one who told me about this group.  Then last night talking with Sarah, she told me about them as well as on the WINS. The latter is in a major overhaul at moment, so will see how that pans out down the road. So time will tell…

I called Sarah for help… I had dropped food down around one of the burners on my stove. In reading the Lazy Daze manual, I figured out how to get the cooktop off, but had zero clue why I couldn’t get it back on – so I called my friend Sarah.  I figured I would do the reverse of what I did but no, that didn’t work at all. Sarah said its difficult to get it back on, but once you do it once you will wonder why was it so difficult.  Dead on correct. What an odd setup, but its back on and that is good.  Now if I can could just get the ignitor knob off to clean behind it. Its pushed in too far and its hard to turn it to ignite the burners. So this should be a no brainer, if it was remotely like other stove top knobs… well, its eluding me at the moment.

I discovered my immediate neighbor here at the park are from Petersburg, AK – they had lived in Alaska as long as I have and they have been full-timing for about a year now. They left, as it had gotten too expensive for them. We both shared the thought processes of how we miss Alaska. In our conversation, they learned about Haines senior housing village and I learned about the best place to store my RV when I start being a snowbird.  We may run into each other again.  Can’t think of her name at the moment, but she brought me over several RV campground directories. Duly impressed on these directories.  They will probably head out when I do, but go in a different direction. If we want cold temps, we know where to go and we don’t need NV for this experience.  Interesting folks!

One thought on “Let’s see now…

  1. As ever, very entertaining read! I hope you get settled someplace warmer soon. We got ~10″ of snow, the nice fluffy kind, but lots of snow blowing. We hope we can get both cars out tomorrow, as we have to get new brake shoes on the van.

    Keep blogging, and check my blog out, too. (LaughingOtter Fiber Art.blogspot.com). Hint, new pictures! Be well, and safe journey! Warm HUGS from the Popsicle State!


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