Not much happening..

Seriously, I don’t have much to write about today. Yesterday, the wind blew so much the rig was in constant motion. It was a challenge to keep the laundry (dirty, then clean) contained as I walked to and fro from the laundry in the wind. Dark clouds rolled in and it looked like rain, but nothing happened. They had a Christmas parade of sorts too. Golf carts decorated, bicycles decorated, and the people dressed Christmas-y and they went up and down the ‘streets’.  Funny thing, I didn’t realize that it was happening! About 5 vehicles went by – that was it! Only when I went out did I hear the hoopla of excitement and asked what was going on.  I should mention Santa was riding on the back of a big truck – so big it made the rest of the troops look like children. Not!    They had fun and that is what was important.  But I gotta say, I’m not a fan of brown Christmas’s – desert brown at that. Its real hard getting in the spirit of things. But here within the park, several have decorated their rigs and look pretty at night. There have been several little Christmas related coffee’s, events, wrapping of gifts events, etc. So the spirit is alive and well here.

Today is slow in starting… it was light outside when I finally crawled out of bed… such is life!  Got my meds taken, teeth done, eyeglasses back on my head, tea a brewing, fed the cats, opened the shades, turned on the water heater and sat down to read the news online.  Finished news, stirred my tea, turned off the water heater and fixed a bowl of fresh fruit and started reading Facebook. Dang! My tea is cold already. Got up and looked at the temperature, sure enough its cooler today. So zapped my tea in the microwave and started again to read Facebook. Phone rang… Helen was wondering what time I wanted to go to the Post Office – we settled on 1pm.  My package from Alaska is here, can’t wait to check it all out.  I’ve ordered up my mailing service mail to come next week, so that won’t be much but will be nice to get it, as I don’t know when next I will be anywhere to retrieve the mail.

Still haven’t read Facebook or checked emails yet, but I need another cup of tea, so am brewing that. And the view out the window has gone grey… oh, the rain is here. Wow! The brown desert brown is being washed off… now we can see browns and greens…  Tea is ready, sit back down to read Facebook and my emails and the cats are alive! Running back and forth, up and over and around and around and I’m in their path. Entertainment is cheap around here. Smiling here. Norm brings me is wand that he wants me to play with, it has feathers on one end. So we get a rip roaring play time going. Tucker hangs to the side just watching and when I see this, I try to get him into action and realize he does not know how to play. Norm & I “teach” Tucker and I get a little more action out of him. It will take time.

Dang, my tea is cold again. Guess I might as well put ice in it and make iced tea, I’m not getting anything warm… will take that back… I’m going to fix myself some Muesli with cranberries, coconut, flax seeds and cinnamon for an early lunch, as its too late for breakfast. That will heat me up just fine.

And its now 10 o’clock on this lazy morning. Still haven’t read Facebook or my emails. I doubt there is much of interest on Facebook – I’m really tired of the changes made by Facebook without approval from the folks that are using it and recently they had a vote and now they have refuse to acknowledge the results of that vote. I don’t care how big any company is, but to be repeatedly be slammed in the face that there way is the only way – sucks!  And well, its nothing like it use to be… now if you write a private message on Facebook to anyone – did you realize its almost instantly available via search engines???  Scary stuff.  And you might have blocked certain friends from seeing some of your site, but Facebook changed it that everyone of your friends friends can see each post that you write on or comment on. Everyone…  So this person is seriously thinking about quitting Facebook this year.  I originally joined Facebook (6 or 7 years ago) to reach out to our military friends around the world. And it was a keen way to say hello to families too. My friends have always kept in touch by email so losing them on Facebook won’t hurt too much.  But I gotta tell you, no matter how many times I have tried to block the games my friends play, Facebook changes that too. My Facebook friends play a ton of games and my site some mornings is nothing but gaming crap. No news on friends or family at all.  The one thing I would truly miss tho, is seeing pictures of Jimmy & Laura’s kids as they grow up.  So I need to figure out a way to keep that coming…

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