Productive day..

Today was going to be a grocery run, but it turned out to be alot more.  The gal that offered to drop me off at the grocery store while she did her doctor’s appointment was the start. I haven’t bought groceries in a long time, really am getting better at how to buy and to cover all contingency that may develop within the next month or so and how to store all this. Previously, I only bought food stuff that I eat, which is not the same as what most of these folks around here eat. Not that they are fast food eaters, they aren’t or not when I’m around, but they produce some pretty interesting foods for potlucks, happy hour, etc. My offerings have been pretty basic, such as sliced apples with cinnamon sprinkled on them (not baked, just raw) or a bunch of peeled oranges, or veggie platters (I make, not store bought).  Anyway, I digress…  As I was shopping… I would see someone drop something, or couldn’t reach things, or looked lost, all kinds of things and I stopped and helped. No big deal, I do this most of the time anyway. As I was standing in line to check out, a manager of the store (could tell by name tag) approached me and asked if I would accept this thank you (wrapped gift) for being so helpful to fellow customers. Stunned, I said yes, but what was this about. They apparently acknowledge each day (or try to) during the holidays when someone takes the extra step to help others in their store. They just do this… WOW!  And when I was checking out, the clerk told me that they don’t always find someone every day. She told me if I didn’t want the gift, to donate it to someone who might, but she suggested I open it before I make that decision. Wow!  WOW!

When Helen came to the store to pick me up, I said, let me take you out to lunch as a token of appreciation for hauling me around. We went to Denny’s – I haven’t been in a Denny’s in over 20 years… interesting how its changed but hasn’t changed.  Then a trip to post office, no packages yet. Then to see if her hairdresser was in and if I could get in (next week) and then… we found a consignment store…oh boy… she was looking for some permanent type structure to put in her yard at the RV park. Well, this was more upscale to have anything like that. One half of the store was called Twisted Sisters, the other side was Secret Sisters – two different stores under one roof. We had fun seeing what they carried. Pahrump is a small town spread out on the desert. Typical stores, yet different ones as well. Secret Sisters – I found 3 tops for total of $16 (short sleeve sweater, a fleece shirt & a summer blouse – can’t beat that around here. But I gotta tell you, they are too big… I’ve lost weight since I started traveling. I had bought new jeans a few weeks ago, got them and they fell off my hips. Washed in hot water to shrink… works as long as I’m sitting, but as soon as I stand up they fall off.  Now you would ‘think’ I might have learned my lesson with the jeans before buying these tops today, but apparently not. So when Helen takes me out on Thursday, I will have to return all 3 of these.

When I met Helen yesterday and she learned I was from Alaska… she got all dream-y eyed and started pumping me for answers on driving up, what to see, when to go, etc. I in turn, sent her links to a ton of info, including crossing the border, ferries, traveling with pets (she has a bull dog). Well, you would have thought I had handed her the world on a silver platter, as she didn’t think she could ever go.  Today, she is planning on a cruise to AK – the very thing I couldn’t tell her much about. I laughed over that, but that’s ok. The mere fact that she realizes she can still go and do AK, get this off her bucket list and she could travel alone – quite honestly was a delight to behold.  I hope she does it.

And by the way, the gift I got from the store… a bottle of Kahula in a beautiful red tin. No, I’m not giving this one away.  Wow again… What an unexpected productive day! What fun too.

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