Vision of…

Drats! Is the best way to describe my finding this morning. I awoke to a rosy enchanted view of the mountains. It reminded me of the alpine glow in Alaska. Grabbed my iPhone, dead. Hooked it up to recharge. Went and dug out my Lumix. Dead and I can’t find the charger. And, of course, the rosy view was gone…. Still can’t find the charger for my Lumix… hate it when I lose anything in this rig.

Today, I learned a lesson.  I had cut out the styrofoam rectangle for my escapee hatch when I was in Fresno, but hadn’t put it in place yet. Well, even with the broad side of a hammer could I get this sucker into place.  Thinking it might have been the handle, I reversed the styrofoam (as one side has foil), tried putting back into place and hit a few times with the broadside of the hammer to get an impression. No impression.  So I remeasured and found I was fractions off on both length as well as width. Now in my mind’s eye, that should go in and make a firm seal. So I started peeling off one edge of the styrofoam – lesson – don’t do this in the RV – EVER!!!!  Oh what a mess and it, of course, sticks to everything and it gums up the little vacuum, the hose gets jammed and well, I think you get the picture – don’t try this.  I did take it outside to work the other side, but coming back in you could tell where both cats had walked, scratched and even tried to eat – the proof of the pudding, ere styrofoam was telling on them. Crazy cats!  I got the tape to secure the edges and went to jam this thing back up in the hatch. I got the back half in pretty good, but the front half needed a whole lot of help.  I have the hatch cover there, so secured the back half over the styrofoam, so it wouldn’t pop out.  Finally, got the styrofoam semi in place and guess what? Its not a complete seal – one 1/2 of the long edge is significantly open, whereas the other half is snug as a bug. Well, my 2nd lesson of the day… don’t redo it, let it be. The 2nd attempt was far worse than the 1st piece and its the 1st piece that went back up into the hatch. Good grief! This shouldn’t have taken me 1/2 the day to do.  I’m still picking up styrofoam and I suspect I will be doing this for awhile.

So… what can I get into tomorrow… I think I will finish putting the snaps on the vents corners, so I can use the vent covers on those. That shouldn’t take me all day. And then the next task, is figure out how to get the dinette table off the wall, so I can flip it to put add-a-drawers in place.

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