Frosty the ….

No, not the snowman. But frosty yes. At first appearance of the sun, the temp was 31ºF outside and 38ºF inside and I forgot to open my window by my head last night. Guess there are good things to forget. Interesting observations before I crawled out of bed tho. On the long sides of my hatch – from edge of hatch out 3-4 inches was icy condensation. On the short ends, barely an inch.  The ceiling is cool,  not cold except where I noted above.  So yes, putting that styrofoam in the escape hatch helped immensely in more ways than I had anticipated, but that condensation on the long sides – I don’t see how I can stop that without alot of expensive tearing out the roof, if that.  But I had not noticed this when I had the window open… so my friends, sleeping with the window open helps.

Other ways this styrofoam helped was unexpected to me.  The whole rig did not cool off like it normally does in the evening, no chill in the air. Sitting at the dinette use to be downright chilly unless I was wrapped in a throw or blanket.  And the bed over the cab – crawling in under the sheets did not take my breath away as it has been.  I had gotten to wearing my clothes to bed, then undressing as it was painful to get in. I so miss my flannel sheets that I have used for over 20 years. When I get home next summer or sooner if I can find a sewing machine, I’m going to buy some flannels and then try to make an’ insert’ for my Kozy Komforter that I truly enjoy. Flannels would make getting into bed a simple joy. The insert on this, is velcro’d at certain points. The design is uniquely different, but an awesome creation. I will unload bedding when I get home too, as this has a summer side and a winter side. Its one of the best purchases we made on this RV. Now mind you, its not easy to put it back together again, you would think it would be a no brainer, but its not. One thing I do recommend to anyone that has one or gets one – put it together in the laundry room that has a long table.  Its truly a frustrating mess trying to do it in the RV, although I have done it.  The outside of the comforter is dry clean only (or so it says). I have hand washed it, but its a nuisance getting it dried.

Last night, I learned I have an exciting package on the way to me from Alaska.  It contains handwoven items. Can’t wait to see what’s in the box.  Yippee! I love handwoven anything, so this is a special treat.

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