Chilly morning

I awoke to my two cats having a piss poor fight over who was going to get under the covers next to me. As  I figured this out in my not so awake mode, I shifted and both cats zoomed in and settle down. Of course, this woke me up straight away… Now why are they doing this? Is it really all that chilly?  I don’t sleep with the heat on any more… but this is not something they normally do. Sure enough… its been a few months since we’ve seen 36ºF weather.  That was outside temperature, the inside temperature was 41ºF.    They need to get there winter coats back, all the warm temperature we have been experiencing – they shed a ton of fur, so they are having a chilly morning.  Next… they discovered the sun was out when I opened the shades (it has been cloudy for days now) – instant sun beams will suck my cats in every time.  So all is well after they filled their bellies with breakfast and are now resting in the sunbeams.  They won’t have any more need of me until evening.

The other day, I mentioned a sore throat and sleeping more than usual. It must have been the dry weather for the sore throat, and the sleep – guess I partied too hardy at Live Oak – not!  But I do need my down time after all that social stuff. So I’m fine. I got the majority of my laundry done yesterday, still need to do bedding, towels and my one blanket is in need of a good washing. Might even try to get the cats blankets washed too. They have one washer for stuff like this.

I met several of the locals yesterday…  learned what was available for grocery stores, pet stores, post office, etc.  Speaking of post offices… I’m having quite the time with General Delivery back in Haines.  Before I left there in August, I had all my addresses changed and thought I had finally stopped the stuff coming into General Delivery – which the damn Palmer Post Office forced me to use.  Well now I’ve found out stuff is pouring into the General Delivery and not to my P.O. box in Haines. Why is the question and more importantly, why hasn’t the Haines Post Office not dumped it into my P.O. box.  This is so ridiculous.  My friend who is picking up my mail said most of it is crap. Crap meaning catalogs, junk mail, etc. the very stuff the Palmer Post Office told me they would not forward.  So I have been trying to call the Haines Post Office – it just rings, and rings, and rings, and rings….

Today, after calling Haines Post office again, I am going to do some deep cleaning – something that is hard to do when dry camping…  And I ordered my own Christmas presents today, but doubt I will wrap them when they come in, as my itty-bitty Christmas tree would be too small to have packages around it. The last time I was at PetSmart, I picked up new toys & treats for the cats for Christmas.  So I’d better get back to work.

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