Just too much fun…

I have lost track of what day is what here – therefore that means I’m having fun. Yes, indeed, am having an awesome time here at Live Oak Camp. For those that didn’t make it, wish you had.  Despite the soggy nature not too many are hibernating in their rigs. Almost all the LaDeze’s are here – Wow! What a blast to see all them again and we are seemingly parked in the same general area, but one does not know that until you park and folks come over to meet you.

We had another happy hour last night, but this time we had a fire going too warm ourselves in between rain showers… In and amongst the  Past Tents is one special (to me!) visitor.  It is Agnes, the 95 year old Mother of one of the Past Tents. She may not see well, but she is one sharp cookie and her hearing is excellent as well. She comes out each Happy Hour, bundled up in her daughters clothes, hat on and gloves and her drink. What a delight to have her here and truly wonderful to hear her stories. She got a bit of dry humor too. If one isn’t paying attention she will get you… laughing.

Today, I missed the latest count of all that are here, but I know as of last night that there were 106 rigs in camp and another 2 or 3 new folks – that horn went off, but I lost count.  And more folks came in last night after I heard the 106 and more are still coming in today, as they just sounded another newbie.   I guess there aren’t that many fair weather travelers as they said.

This afternoon – everyone showed up at the Pavilion for the Story and Gift Exchange. What a riot! It was a funny story about Mr. & Mrs. Right and their Lazy Daze RV.  So each time the word left or right was spoken, you shifted the brown bag in front of you in that direction. Each participant brought a $10-15.00 unwrapped gift in a brown paper bag and that is what was passed. Just hilarious!

This afternoon is a Scrapbook class, an art class and a tech class and even a bingo game. Some have gone off for a walk too.  And I managed to get help getting my cover on my hatch up with help from Bill W. and I will leave it as is without the styrofoam I had to buy another piece for. Norm, one of my boys, decided to *eat* the styrofoam that had been inserted in the hatch. I found ‘snow’ all over the bedding the other morning. So with this hatch cover up, I will see if that alone will stop the condensation. If not, I will add the styrofoam with the hatch cover.

Well… my boiled eggs are done.  Now what to make with them.  I had pulled out onions and hamburger, as I wanted to make a pot of chili for tonight’s potluck – well… it just won’t taste right without seasoning, which I only have salt & pepper. Silly me.  So decided to boil eggs… guess I could make tuna salad or possibly chicken salad… maybe that, as I have some chicken tenders in my freezer.  I’m doing pretty good, considering I haven’t been to the grocery store since I left jojoba Hills. Been to Pet Smart to pick up cat food, but for some reason can’t seem to get myself to a grocery store. So that will be one of my first stops after I leave here.

I leave here on Sunday… first stop after the grocery store will be the Mothership. I called Vince about coming in and he said to come in Monday after leaving here. So I will finally get my paint job checked out. Many posts ago, I had mentioned I had unusual cracking of the paint around my bins, windows and doors. Other Lazy Dazer’s told me it will eventually do it but I should not be seeing it on a new rig. So I don’t know what Vince will tell me, but at least he can evaluate and then we can set up something later if need be.  So I will be waiting at their door on Monday morning, as I think I will just head there on Sunday and park.

And though I do not yet know what I will do after the Mothership, I am joining a bunch of Lazy Daze folks at Death Valley from Christmas to New Year’s.  That event is new to me. Can’t wait to check this one out too.  Well, they just announced another newbie is here and they need to find a place for them. Think I need to go check all these new folks out.

3 thoughts on “Just too much fun…

  1. Oh Sara – its happening sooner than you realize. The closer you get the more it seems to drag, but it is so worth the wait. I had devoted one section of my living room for “stuff” for my rig. I can't begin to tell you how many times the contents changed over that waiting for the RV timeframe. The sheer excitement keeps ideas flowing, yet I look back and now know I had no clue what I needed, but you will enjoy the process. And I'm glad you are enjoying my blog.


  2. Hi Melinda……the blog is great! I am going to remember to visit frequently. Talk to you soon . BTW I updated my blog today. I am turning over a new leaf and am going to blog at least a couple times each week….New Year's Resolutions are early for me! Safe travels!


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