Getting started…

Arrived yesterday at Live Oak Camp, just north of Santa Barbara. What a beautiful setting!  Oak trees galore and we must be in a horse pasture, grasses easily cropped by horses feeding, but no horses to be seen. It was interesting on the drive in, as I kept wondering if I was on the correct road as it meandered thru all these pastures seemingly forever. Very pretty.  Approached a little tent then started seeing all the Lazy Daze RV’s.  Had no clue where to park as there are no set identifying places and the different groups stake out their own spaces and I couldn’t readily tell who was who or where. So I asked the host group “Past Tents” if I could park with them. Out of the 28 rigs in Past Tents, I’ve gotten to know 10 of them in my travels, so it just seemed kind of natural to park with them. But I now know I know a bunch of others that belong to the other groups, they just hadn’t identified their group to me.  Its really not important, but some feel it is.  Some of the other names are: BackScratchers, NoMades, Drifters, Firesiders, Outbacks and Roadrunners.  Gotta love the names…

The weather was soggy our first day here. We heard stories of the virtual downpours north of here, and the hard-to-drive-thru winds, but that never materialized here. The first day is a non event day, it was getting parked, getting settled in, seeing where everything is, meeting new folks and seeing others that we know. And well, off to bed to the pitter-patter of rain on the roof. Interesting feature in the buildings, one of which are the showers. Remember as a child, girl scout camp or gym or what-have-you with open showers all together. Well, there are all open here too, plus there is no roof on this building. So not only do you take a shower with everyone else, it is wide open for anyone flying over or who climbs a tree. I think I will pass…thank you.

I had been told this turnout, which is normally between 150-300 rigs, will not come close to that this time due to the weather. Apparently, alot of folks are fair weather travelers and this storm that has moved into the State will keep folks home. And was told, more rigs will come in over the next day or so. So had no idea how many were here until they announced it this morning at 8am. So far they have 83 rigs, 5 guests and 1 new person. They will make an announcement each morning on the up-to-date stats, so will be interesting to see how much it changes, if it changes.

2 thoughts on “Getting started…

  1. Thanks Sharry! I really am having a good time! Some of the neatest people I've met outside our Alaskan friends are these RV folks, especially the Lazy Daze folks. If you know you are coming down, check to see if I can meet up with you… as I just might be able!


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