Lake Cachuma

Topped off my tank of gas before leaving Fresno – $3.57/gallon. Trip across Highway 41 was uneventful. Did run into 2 thick patches of fog that lasted very brief, so brief, I could barely get slowed down. It was interesting to me and got my curiosity up on two times as I saw signs that suggested trucks take an alternate route if going such and such direction. What was the road like that these signs are telling truckers to take another. Well… I did not check it out in my RV, I followed the truckers.  So instead of taking Highway 41 directly to Highway 101, I took Highway 46 to Highway 101. But before I got to that junction, did transverse 3 mountain passes that appeared to me as little foothills, medium foothills until the 3rd one was bigger. . The hills looked like tan velvet, one almost wanted to reach out and touch them. Loved seeing the cattle scattered all across the hills for miles.. Can’t imagine having that much property and/or cattle. But what a idyllic life!

I found a rest area on Highway 41, I got there about 12:30p – I should have stayed there. But that is hindsight now. Once on Highway 101, I figured I could find a place to stop – not necessarily an RV park, but a truck stop, State Park, a rest area or a potential turn out for a view, or a Walmart, heck some place. But there was nothing to be had straight off the highway.  Oh I ventured down into some of the places that I had checked online for places – if I found them, they were full, but generally I could not identify and I realized I was wasting time. So I kept going…and going, and going, and going.. I have got to quit doing this… I had no intentions of making it to my planned destination yesterday, but that is what I did – pulling into Lake Cachuma Recreation just after sunset… I was too tired to care where the park attendant had me park, but I did ask for water & electricity, as I had been boon-docking for the last 7 days. Well, he parked me right next to 2 other Lazy Daze folks – neither of whom were home when I got there. And one other Lazy Daze came in within an hour of me, can’t even tell what color he is as its so dark.

So today, will take the time to vacuum – it really needs it after a week of boon-docking. A broom can only do so much. Need to tackle the bug crap on the outside too. I know rain is in the forecast, but I still need to put some elbow grease into this task. And will eventually meet my neighbors and just kick back. Tomorrow, will head for Live Oak Camp – which is 5.2 miles down the road. This is my first time and I’ve been told this is one of the biggest turnouts for the Lazy Daze RV crowd. Can’t wait to experience this. Tons to meet, but will hopefully see many others I have met at other events. It will be like old home week in a way.

Did not top off gas, but prices were averaging $3.94 all along Highway 101. Will have to face that music before I leave this area.

And… I have excellent internet via Millenicom (a Verizon plan) on my computer, but only 2 bars on my iPhone (with AT&T) and it keeps dropping my calls.

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