Catching up, Kickin’ back

I have spent the last few hours catching up on emails, sorting thru papers – keeping some, disposing of the rest. Amazes me how fast it builds up when on the road. Hoping my rig would warm up enough to take a shower.. decided to not take a shower today. The fog overnight seems to have chilled the rig more than usual – or so it seems to me.  I will take one before I hit the road tomorrow – no matter how chilly. Might break down and turn on the propane heat… which I don’t normally need to do.

Am enjoying staying here, love the sound of the rooster on the neighbors property,  seeing the putsy nature of just living. Especially Bill, he can keep doing nothing all day…or so it appears its nothing, but when he’s done with something its all put away and is clean as a whistle. He is quite happy doing this all day, every day. I love it! My Dad use to do this and that amused me then as well. Like my Dad, if you come up to Bill while he’s working, he always has a kind word, will joke around with you and you really enjoy his company. I asked Bill’s wife Thelma about this and she just smiled with a twinkle in her eyes and says he’s always been this way.  And Thelma tells me to just come on in the house, make myself at home – yet they won’t let me help with the dishes or prepare a meal! Laughing here. I will do it one day, but right now I get shooed out of the kitchen. Their gracious hospitality is generous and they are a delight to be around. Thankful I had this opportunity to meet them.

I’m heading out tomorrow, won’t leave too early, will enjoy the next leg of this trip. I’m taking Highway 41 south out of Fresno, heading straight for Highway 101.  Will follow Highway 101 to Highway 154, but don’t know if I will get that far tomorrow. Depends on the fog here on when I will leave.

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