Foggy travel

The Tule fog is changing plans all over the park from listening to folks talk today, and folks are quizzing those coming in about the fog. Gotten alot of good feedback on this subject today.

So I will go ahead and leave this Park tomorrow, but will linger in Fresno until Monday vs pushing thru Fresno tomorrow, as I don’t have to be at Live Oak until Wednesday.  If I figure this out correctly, I should be able to make this trip in one full day in good weather, so will give it two days. It will be more like 1 1/2 days, as I will wait to leave in late morning or early afternoon for the fog to lift – then get the heck out of Dodge… ere Fresno.

So my cousins have a place for me to park the rig for a couple of nights. My cats will be entertained with at least 3 tuxedo cats that rule that property and at least one dog, but think there’s a second one too. That should be interesting. I will get to smell orange trees with lots of fruit on them. And I’m not sure what else. These folks use to have horses and goats, but I did not see any of those when I was there. At this home, I was surprised to see wild Iris – have never seen them in the Fall, thought this was a Spring flower.  But they have been blooming since Spring at this place. Gorgeous to see them, reminds me of home.

I fixed a pot of vegetable soup for dinner tonight for Lorna & I.  She’s heading out on Sunday.  She gave me some great tips on where to hang in December leading thru Christmas. So will do some research online to learn more, plus get directions and go and check things out.  All sounds promising and most definitely different than anything I’ve ever done for the holidays. So let’s bring it on!

I’m heading for the central coast of CA. The coast will be warmer than where I’ve been since the 10th of November… the nights are cool as they are here. This sleeping without heat brings back memories of my childhood, my bedroom upstairs was on the north side of the house and the upstairs was never heated.  That’s what this is like. Funny how those kind of memories come back at unexpected times.

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