Family can be special, even if distant cousins. I haven’t seen this set of cousins in over 20 years and I felt right at home. I felt very thankful to have been invited to join their family dinner. I spent the day getting to know the now-adults kids I use to tickle when they were little – boy are they tall & good looking guys. Watch out girls! Laughing here.  It was an enjoyable day meeting Kathy’s side of the family, parents, brother, etc. besides her boys. The food was outstanding, but I gotta say – its the best home cooked food I’ve had in eons. My body was gleefully enjoying someone else’s cooking. And the desserts – oh my goodness, how did they know I would not be able to resist banana pudding, lemon meringue pie or pumpkins pie with whipped cream made from scratch. This pig-let was stuffed when she was taken home.

I was surprised when they came up to get me yesterday that the fog had returned to Fresno, as it was crystal clear skies up here. The Tule Fog is well known in this valley, but its a tad early for it to be back and so thick – from what they said. It did clear off in the early afternoon, but it came back even thicker in the evening. I felt sorry that they had to drive in it to take me home and then back to their place. The weather forecast has the fog event over the next 4 days or so – this changes my plans. I’m going to head down into Fresno. Since I have no desire to drive in the fog, and I have the ability to stop when it does happen, it may take me 4 days to get to my next destination, but this allows me to move across the valley when its clear and stop when the fog moves in. I know from the past, that this fog can linger for days without lifting. I think its too early for that to be happening now, but I have no desire to push my luck and drive in pea soup fog, especially how California drivers drive…  

So today, I need to get checked out, get the rig ready to travel, etc.  So hope everyone had a most enjoyable Thanksgiving. Very thankful to have family near to spend the day with. That was special!

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