Mail Day

Not much has been going on lately, today was mail day, got to go see what was in the mail. That is the sum total of excitement today.  Laughing… as the political ads just caught up with me.  Yesterday, I did something I haven’t had the pleasure to do in eons… what might that be?  I wore my pajamas all day long. Total relaxation… total comfort. And now I’m questioning why I haven’t done this more often… Last evening, in a very round about way, I learned a friend of mine has been sick up in Alaska and moved into another friend so she wouldn’t be alone. So I called my other friend who knows both of them, to find out what is happening. Spent alot of time just catching up, as its been awhile since I’ve seen her.  So will have to keep tabs on all three of them now.

And I have recently been writing lengthy emails to a new Alaska friend, who just bought a 1997 Lazy Daze RV.  I hope she can come down for awhile to meet a bunch of other Lazy Daze folks, although she is not quite ready to be a full-timer, it would give her a great start on introductions and would fill her head with ideas. A dangerous mission, as these folks are quite creative in how they make their rig their home.  It is thru her that I learned about my sick friend mentioned above.

Today, I filled my fresh water tank, dumped the grey & black tanks, cleaned off bird shit off the side of my rig, watched that my cats would not go thru the screens to go after the feral cats. There’s a big black cat that sets these two off in a real hissy-fit, then there’s a young lady – so prim and proper and cute as a button that strolls by the rig and sets Norm into a hissy-fit but Tucker isn’t so aggressive with the pretty young lady. Norm informs him she’s a no-no. Interesting interactions.  Then there is a young black cat that my cats just watch but not a word comes out of them. Once in a blue moon, there is a big orange cat that drops by but the other cats chase away. I think these feral cats have their own territory within this park.

I’m thinking of moving into boon-dock parking on Friday or Saturday, so I don’t have to haul laundry up and down the hills.  Be curious to see what feral cats are in that neck of the woods.  I haven’t decided when I’m heading out, the earliest I would leave is Sunday, but I don’t think I need to leave that early. Besides, $5/night in boon-dock can’t be beat out beyond this park.  So I may leave Monday, then take a leisure drive over to Hwy 101. The Live Oak Camp starts the 28th.

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